Sweetgrass Purifying Bath

Our Sweetgrass Purifying Bath combines the rejuvenating and cleansing properties of both Sweetgrass and Dead Sea Salts.  When fans of our Smokeless Smudge Spray started telling us they wanted to use a version of it for a ritual bath, we came up with something both powerful and gentle.  Like our Smokeless Smudge Spray, it is also simple enough that you can combine it with your current practice. In this case, bath herb sachets or essential oils you may already use for ritual.

Smokeless Smudge and Sweetgrass Purifying Bath

The Good-energy Dynamic Duo

We think the two make a perfect pair to get ready for ritual.  You could even call them the Good-Energy Dynamic Duo.  Use the Smokeless Smudge Spray to cleanse and purify the space and use the Sweetgrass Purifying Bath to prepare yourself.

A purifying bath is a sacred ritual practiced by many cultures.  There is the obvious benefit of physical cleansing, but a sacred or ritual bath cleanses more than just the body.  It dissolves and clears away negative energy to help purify the spirit and cleanse the chakras, or energy centers of the subtle body.  Sometimes a purifying bath alone is the ritual-of-the-day. At the beginning of an important day, you can have a fresh start. At the end of the particularly harrowing day, you can wash away any negative energies which you may have picked up. A purifying bath is also an excellent pratice for those who do energy-work, healing, divination or participate in paranormal investigations.

A sacred bath can also be a powerful practice to prepare for deep meditation, ritual, spellwork or any intentional working. In fact, there are some traditions which call for a purifying bath prior to ritual.


Sweetgrass is considered sacred by many native peoples of North America. It is used to purify and clear objects, places, and people. The scent is uplifting to our spirits, releases negativity, and welcomes good energy and inviting to helper spirits, guides or angels (or whatever names used in your belief-system).

Dead Sea Salt

The Dead Sea is known for its natural therapeutic properties, inherent in the mineral-laden salt waters. For centuries, people have traveled to the dead sea to soak in the waters there. Salt is universally used to keep away negative energies and spirits, as well as to cleanse objects, spaces and people.

Directions: Use the Sweetgrass Purifying Bath to prepare for ritual, or make the bath itself sacred. Just elaborate on the basic use with a ritual of your own.  A sacred bath is ideal for self-blessing, just add music, maybe a candle and an affirmation or visualization!  Here’s the most basic instructions:

  • First, start with a clean tub.
  • Fill with warm (not overly hot) water.
  • Once the bath is full, add the Sweetgrass Purifying Bath. Simply scoup or poor some into your cupped hand. Depending on the size of your hand; one, two or three cupped handfuls will be just the thing. It’s mostly what feels right to you. As a guideline just a few tablespoons (4-8) will work (1/4 to 1/2 cup). You don’t want so much that you’re sitting on undissolved salt!
  • Stir the water to dissolve the salt and release the aromatic fragrance of sweetgrass.
  • Soak and visualize negative energy flowing away and positive energy flowing in.
  • When done, rinse the tub with a little sprinkle the salts to help the released negativity to down the drain.

Locally Crafted for Good Energy

We respect the purity of your practice and of native traditions, and have made our Sweetgrass Purifying Bath both simply enough that you can incorporate it into your existing rituals or practice, and it was formulated mindfully . . .

  • Uses only the highest-quality ingredients
  • Cruelty Free (not tested on animals)
  • Made in Minnesota

Try it out, and do let us know about your experience!