Wizards Tarot – An Invitation

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May 6th (Friday) 7-9pm

Eye of Horus presents the Wizards Tarot Release Party with the author, Corrine Kenner.  Featuring gorgeous, intricately rendered digital art, The Wizards Tarot is unlike any other instructional guide or tarot deck. Unique and beginner-friendly, this tarot kit is also a complete course in magic, featuring twenty-one enjoyable and practical magical lessons based on the tarot cards.

Hermit CardYou are invited to step through the doors of Mandrake Academy, where you will don the robes of a magical apprentice . . . That is, please come in costume to be eligible for a prize drawing. For one very special night, we are hosting this party to celebrate this most fabulous deck.

Location: Eye of Horus Metaphysical, 3012 Lyndale Ave S., Minneapolis, MN | 612-872-1292

Wizards Tarot – Deck & Book

Like Legacy of the Divine Tarot,  the Wizards Tarot provides a new vision of the archetypes and symbols which make the Tarot such a powerful tool for exploration.  But it takes it a step farther because The Wizards Tarot is a tarot deck as well as a school of magic, where the majors feature the professors and the minors feature the students.  “Surrounded by rolling fields and emerald-green woods, with enchanted stone walls and mystical creatures roaming the grounds, the Mandrake campus welcomes you as its newest initiate.”

Transfiguration (Death) Card

Transfiguration (Death) Card

Mandrake Academy is an imaginal world where, just by shuffling a deck, you enroll to begin a system of study which not only sheds new light on the tarot, but can be a starting place for further esoteric studies. Topics include introductions to spellcasting, runes, astrology, astral travel, shapeshifting, and more. Discover how to create a magic circle, divine with a pendulum, brew herbal elixirs, and work with crystals … all while becoming a skilled card reader in the process.

This Potterific frame for the tarot is more than just fluff.  The incredible artwork alone makes Mandrake Academy a world well worth exploring.  With the added layer of the elemental houses and courses which draw out the correspondences to other disciplines, the serious tarot enthusiast will find plenty of substance, as well. The artwork manages to keep the familiar symbolic punch of the Rider-Waite deck and still bring more dimension, detail, and a slightly different read to the tarot. Though there are a few instances, such as Transfiguration, where we step out of a Middle Ages mindset and more into the present.

The Major Arcana

World Card

The World

With the exception of the Initiate, each card in the major arcana represents a professor, staff member or course of study at Mandrake Academy, or in the case of the World, the Academy itself. For example, the Emperor is Headmaster, The Chariot is the Professor of Astral Travel, Strength is the Care and Feeding of Familiar Creatures and the Hermit is Librarian and Professor of Candle Magic. The majors are not numbered, but most share the same name as the Rider-Waite deck. Exceptions to the standard naming convention include:

♦ The Initiate (The Fool) is a Student at the Academy  ♦ Transfiguration (Death) is the professor of Shapeshifting  ♦ The Alchemist (Temperance) is the professor of, what else, Alchemy and finally, ♦ The Dark Lord (The Devil) is the Professor of Dark Magic

Key symbols for each card are described in the Wizards Tarot Handbook. Going a step further, there is a “Practical Magic” lesson for each of the major arcana, as well as a unique spread for each (and two for Transfiguration).  In the lessons, you will find things like Tarot Correspondences for:  ♦ The Greek Pantheon  ♦ The Wheel of the Year ♦ The Sabbats  ♦ Astrological Signs and more.  All of the majors give you a little something extra. Here’s the Hanged Man as an example.

Odin as the Hanged Man

Odin as the Hanged Man

The Hanged Man in this deck is Odin, the Professor of Runes. According to the handbook, “Centuries ago, fortune-telling bards in northern Europe used runes to divine the past, present, and future. Today, the professor of runes helps keep their ancient art alive.” Here is an example of just some of the Key Symbols as outlined for this card in the handbook:

Key Symbols for the Hanged Man – from the Wizards Tarot Handbook by Corrine Kenner

  • In tarot, the Hanged Man is a visionary who sacrifices one life to find another. Ironically, the professor of runes is a one-eyed visionary — but he compensates with second sight.
  • Odin, the king of the Norse gods, was the original Hanged Man. In a supreme act of self-sacrifice, he hung upside-down from the World Tree for nine days and nights. In return, he was rewarded with the runes — the gift of written language.
  • Most tarot readers are used to seeing the Hanged Man upside-down. In the Wizards Tarot, however, the Hanged Man has turned his life around. He’s an upstanding citizen, and he’s sharing his wisdom with a new generation of mystics.
  • This Hanged Man is still hanging, in at least one sense: his portrait is hanging on the wall. It’s a visual pun.
  • The portrait also incorporates several reversals. The art is a recursive print that features a picture, in a picture, in a picture. The effect is hypnotizing; it’s like looking into a time tunnel, where the image spins into infinity.

There’s even more than that with the card because there is a lesson.  The Runes of the Elder Futhark are given a quick introduction in the description of this card, plus there’s a great two-card spread call Hugin and Munin, after the two ravens who keep Odin informed of all that is happening in the world.

Four of Cups

Four of Cups

The Minor Arcana

The figures in the numbered minor arcana are fellow students at the Academy, and it is refreshing to see a bit of diversity represented here, for a change. In addition to describing the key symbols for each numbered card in the Minor Arcana, you will find an associated Magic Power and Magic Charm.  For instance, the Four of Cups has gifts and opportunities as it’s associated magic power. Thus, the magic charm says, “Focus on this card when you want to take advantage of opportunities you might otherwise miss.”  Additional Key Symbols are also included to give you a greater depth into interpreting the card in a spread.

Page of Wands

Page of Wands (Salamander)

The Court Cards are grouped together as elemental royal families which reign over the four dominions. Divided equally into male and female cards, each family consists of: a Page as the daughter, a Knight as the son, the Queen as the mother, and the King as the Father. These depictions of the families adds another layer of interest and symbol to the elemental correspondences of each of the suits.

  • Wands – Salamanders represent the fiery kingdom of spirit
  • Cups – Undines represent the watery world of emotion
  • Swords – Sylphs represent the airy realm of intellect
  • Pentacles – Gnomes represent the earthy land of physical existence

The Wizard’s Tarot 242 page handbook uses the frame of Mandrake Academy to encourage the new initiate to learn by doing, while introducing concepts throughout.  The guidebook is deceptively simple because of its clear organization and an index-like table of contents not only for each card, but for also for all of the  spreads. Order your copy of the Wizards Tarot

About the Author  & Artist

Corrine Kenner specializes in bringing metaphysical subjects down to earth. Her work on the tarot is widely published, and her classes and workshops are perennial favorites among students in the Midwest. Corrine is a certified tarot master, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from California State University, Long Beach.
John Blumen makes frequent stops in the realms of fantasy and myth.  John lives and works as a freelance illustrator in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His images grace the covers of books published by The Penguin Group, Llewellyn World Wide and Harcourt Publishing and a myriad of other publications and periodicals. His work also appears in the fantasy-art showcases Spectrum, Fantasy Art Now, Apphrodisia:The Art of the Female Form and Erotic Fantasy Art