Movement in Ritual with Tempest

Movement in Ritual with Tempest

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Eye of Horus is thrilled to host this unique workshop on the evening of June 26th, from 7-9pm.  The Movement in Ritual Workshop is being presented by one of the most sought-after instructor-performers in the nation, Tempest.

Sigils in Motion

Movement in Ritual Workshop with TempestRitual is a dynamic union of self and spirit, above and below—so why should it be static? Learn to incorporate movement into your ritual with focused intention and discover a much more powerful experience. With Tempest as your guide, you’ll look at the parts of various rituals from start to end, and how different sacred movements (gestures and dance steps) can be applied – for groups, covens, as well as solitary practitioners.

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Like pagan practice, ritual movement brings together the modern and ancient to bring new understanding and deeper meaning, creating sigils in motion, much the same way Gothic music often fuses Western idioms with the sounds of India and the Middle East (Dead Can Dance, Vas, Faith and the Muse, Sisters of Mercy to name just a few.).

As of 2010, Tempest has taught over 150 workshops on Gothic Belly Dance and Ritual/Sacred Dance across the nation and in Europe, and actively travels each month teaching and performing. A video of one of her performances is featured on the Movement in Ritual page, just under the workshop description.

Originally out of Providence, Rhode Island, she is relocating to Seattle, Washington. We are extremely fortunate Tempest was able to fit a Minneapolis workshop into her busy schedule.  Her exuberant teaching style focuses on the whole dancer – mind and body, enabling dancers to develop their own voice in the dance, and present it more powerfully through character emphasis, audience capture, and professional application of technique.

Golthic Belly Dance

Tempest is the premiere instructor for Gothic Belly Dance, and has been the most influential in defining the genre and putting it into an instructional format that is accessible to all styles and levels of dancers. To learn more about her, check out Tempest’s Darkly Dramatic website.

What is Gothic Belly Dance?

Gothic Belly Dance, or “Raks Gothique” takes styling of the Gothic or “Goth” subculture from the last 20 years and merges it with the beautiful expression of Middle Eastern Dance in both cabaret and tribal formats. Gothic Belly Dance is not about “playing dress-up” or “looking weird.” It’s about the expression of your darker self, baring your soul in a theatrical dance performance.

It’s a natural progression to take this into ritual which often is about the descent into the underworld, facing and incorporating your shadow to transform into a new being.

For more information, visit the Gothic Belly Dance Website>

Tempest as Teacher

With a strong foundation in traditional oriental dance, Tempest presents her original fusion material while directly emphasizing and identifying the roots of where the dance came from.

Her workshop design does not rely on a static choreography – rather she presents combinations and accents that students can easily absorb into their own repertoire. Also, her 3-part warm-up is accessible to all levels and ages of dancers, utilizing dance moves to effectively and safely warm-up the body and mind, versus yoga-based warm-ups. Her warm and enthusiastic personality balances work with fun, pushing students to reach their potential while providing an enjoyable experience.

Check out these student testimonials>

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When is it? Tuesday June 26th, from 7-9pm

Where is it? The Inner Sanctum at Eye of Horus Metaphysical, 3012 Lyndale Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55408

What to Wear to Class? Comfy clothes: long skirts are fine, as long as you don’t mind occasionally hiking them up so your knees are visible, otherwise wear yoga pants or sweatpants. For tops, a work-out top, choli, tank top, etc is good – big baggy t-shirts are not good. You’re welcome to adorn your hips with some sort of hipscarf, but it’s not a must.

Should I bring anything? A bottle of water. If you sweat a lot normally, a small towel may help you out. Some people like to write down notes during/after class.

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