Eye of Horus Temporarily Closed

Eye of Horus Temporarily Closed

We want to thank everyone who has reached out to ask if we are okay or need help in these trying times. The concern and love from our community We do ask that you don’t call us at this time to check up on us. We need to keep our phone open for orders as well as emergencies, should they arise. Instead, join our Eye of Horus Inner Sanctum Facebook Group. Thraicie and Jane are planning to open up a video chat room once a week in the group where we can connect with you, answer questions, and talk about rituals, magic, and mindfulness practices which can help focus, make change, and bring peace.

Eye of Horus is Temporarily Closed

Our store, and the other stores in our building are boarded up for safety. People want to know how long we will be closed. We don’t know, but are hoping to be able to do so sometime next week, as long as the situation continues to improve. We may leave much of the plywood cladding up for a while and just be able to open the door. 

Ordering Online

We enthusiastically welcome online orders, but won’t be able to ship immediately. Also, we don’t currently list our entire store stock on our online store. We have literally thousands of items that we stock. I am working on at least getting items added as quickly as possible. They may just be the name and price, at first. We’ll add pretty pictures and details later. Oh, and just so you know, this is our post office:

Lake Street Station Post Office

The post office is delivering again, working out of another post office, so we will be able to begin shipping again next week. Thank you for your patience as we adapt yet again to a new, new normal. Stay safe and remember to connect with us in the Eye of Horus Inner Sanctum on Facebook.

A Statement about Justice for George Floyd

A Statement about Justice for George Floyd

Justice is not just blind.
Justice is handcuffed, hands behind back.
Justice is forced face down on the pavement.
Justice is pinned by knee on neck by the POlice.
Justice is weighed down by one, two, three, four POlice.
Justice says “sir” justice gasps for air, Justice can’t breath.
POlice says get up and get in the car.
Justice says “I will, I can’t, Let me Up”
Justice calls for Mama. Can’t breathe, can’t breathe, hurts everywhere.
Justice is dying.
Kids are begging, let him up, he can’t breathe.
Kids are filming.
POlice are in control. Justice is bleeding from the nose.
Justice is unresponsive. Still POlice hold him down.
Kids bear witness. An ambulance comes.

Where is Justice now? With George Floyd. He rests in power. But where is our Justice?

The City of Lakes burned. May the phoenix of Justice rise from the ashes.
~by Jane Hawkner

©copyright 2020
free to share with link/attribution

Living Through the Tower

Living Through the Tower

As I write this, Minneapolis is in turmoil. Protests over the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police have quickly given way to riots. The Eye of Horus’ physical location is boarded up to protect it from damage. I personally live in a neighborhood surrounded by hot spots in every direction.

In times of uncertainty, I often turn to my tarot decks for guidance. Sometimes this comes in the form of readings, but more often it comes from meditations on the cards themselves and the meanings they hold. Early this morning, during a bout of insomnia, I began thinking on The Tower.

In tarot, The Tower is considered by many to be a Bad Card. One to be feared. An ill omen. After all, it represents a destruction that’s close to total if not fully total. It’s violent, sudden, catastrophic. It’s all human accomplishment being brought down in an instant.

But here’s the thing: there are no Bad Cards in tarot. The Tower does indeed usually mean destruction, but it also means wiping the slate clean. After the rubble has settled, there is the chance to rebuild. The chance to become better than before, to cast off old systems and avoid the mistakes of the past.

The card comes after The Devil, which is vice, materialism, and being chained to unhealthy thoughts and habits. It comes before The Star, the card of hopes, wishes fulfilled, and optimism. The destruction of The Tower is necessary. It’s transformative. No good evolution comes without struggle or loss. Fear of The Tower comes from living through that hardship and the uncertainty that follows.

There will never be peace until we acknowledge the pain of the past. We cannot move forward without admitting where we went wrong, admitting that we have performed grievous injury to people of color and allowed cruelty to become our comfort. Buildings can be rebuilt if they are destroyed. People cannot.

Please be safe out there. Please look out for each other, friends and strangers alike. We must elevate each other if we are to get past the rubble of this moment.