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Wednesday Rain

I simply couldn’t resist snapping a couple of pictures between rainshowers this morning. Here are some of the plants growing in the labyrinth:

The Hostas we planted last year are coming up quite nicely. Hostas in Rain

As are the Lillies of the Valley:
Lillies of the Valley

We are still targetting June 18th for the grand opening, though there is still quite a bit to do.

Tons of Work

We have the bricks! On Monday, Thraicie and Jane loaded over 2,500 lbs. of bricks (actually paver stones shaped like bricks) and paver gravel into a pick-up truck and unloaded it at Eye of Horus.

They are feeling very Amazonian right about now.

We are now set to begin the actual labyrinth construction phase.

Eye of Horus Newsletter, May 2005

Merry meet! It’s been a while, so we figured it must be time for another newsletter. OK… so it’s well past time. But it’s finally here.

This newsletter is now available on our website. So cool!

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Web Store update
Labyrinth Project



This week, only: Jenni and Daniel Lupinski are in town, and available for Shamanic work sessions. The Lupinskis use traditional tribal Shamanic techniques for journeying, and connecting with your power/totem animal & spirit guide. Delve into underlying issues, from this life, or past lives, and heal that which is preventing personal growth.
Please bring drums & rattles (if you have them), a cushion/blanket, or any other spiritual tools/objects of importance.
Cost is $10 to the store for use of the space, plus donation to Daniel & Jenni for their time & efforts.
Private sessions can be scheduled for May 9th – 13th, by calling Eye of Horus (612-872-1292).

Tarot readings are available at Eye of Hours. Call ahead to schedule an appointment, or simply walk in.
Thursdays, 1pm – 5pm = Amanda Horton
Thursdays, 6pm – 9pm = Emily Keizer (Emily also works with runes, and other divinatory tools)
Fridays, 4pm – 9pm = Jenna Zank
Saturdays, noon – 5pm = Amanda
Sundays, noon – 4pm = Jeffrey Moore. Cost is approx. $1 per minute (please allow at least 20 minutes).

04/15/2005 – 07/15/2005 = Gallery show: “La Prima Vera; images of pagan Italy”. The photography of Giovanna Fregni will be featured upstairs, in our gallery, through mid-July. We also have several of Giovanna’s jewelry pieces available, downstairs in the store.

Thursdays, through 5/12/2005, 7:30pm – 9pm = Witchcraft “Seekers Class” hosted by Our Lady of Celestial Fire (E.O.C.T.O.). See also

Fridays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm = Reiki Healing by Maggie & Jamie. Cost is approx $1 per minute.

Friday 05/13/2005, 6:30pm – 8:30pm = “Hellenic Paganism & Recon. Discussion Group”. The first hour is devoted to discussion, and the second hour will be reserved for ritual.

Wednesday 05/18/2005, 6pm – 9pm = Asatru/MN Heathens meet-up.

Friday 05/20/2005, 6:30pm – 9pm = “Ifa/Orisha Introductory Workshop” led by Aya Rosanna Hudgins. This 1-evening workshop gives a basic foundation in the history, structure, and practices rooted in Yoruba spiritual traditions. Donations to cover cost are cheerfully accepted.

Interested in renting our gallery space for your group’s meeting or ceremony? Or how about leading a class/workshop here at the Little Shoppe of Horus? Our gallery space can be booked by calling (612)872-1292. Our fee of $13/hour includes tea & cookies.



Peter Conover music
Meghan Brunner books
Remaining calendars sale (50% off!) includes “Solar Lunar Calendar” by Lila, Alvin, & friends.
The 2005 – 2006 edition of “The Witches Almanac” & “Wicca Almanac” are in. For a mere $8.95 we’ll set you up with a copy.


A snailmail mailing list is under construction.
This will be in addition to our current email list. Both lists will be kept confidential, and not sold nor shared with anyone. If you’d like to be included in the snailmail list, please contact us to ensure we’ve got your correct address.
Contact by email = [email protected]
Contact by phone = 612-872-1292

Did you know you can pre-order online for pickup at the store? Just select Store Pickup as your shipping option. There is no charge for this service.

We have been expanding our online catalog to include ALL of the Dryad Design Statues created by Paul Borda as well as Dryad Design Jewelry available. Many of these 180+ items are web-only, so please use the pre-order store pickup option or call ahead. (We’d love to have them ALL on display in our store, but we just don’t have room!) Take a look at these wonderful designs by Paul Borda online:


Volunteers needed! Jane is taking time off of her day-job to devote herself to the Labyrinth Project. Extensive work begins Saturday May 21, 2005. The general work list includes:

1) Repair/Paint wall
2) Plant additional plants, including Lilacs
3) Install the Labyrinth

Public Grand Opening June 2005—date TBA

For progress updates and further information on this project, please visit our forum listing at: or the labyrinth page at

Be well!