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Christopher Lee’s ‘Revelation’

Legendary movie star, Christopher Lee has come up with another 1st. Aside from being our favorite naughty wizard in the Lord of the Rings films, at 84, he is the oldest solo recording artist in history. This isn’t exactly a singing debut, however. Throughout his 60-year film career, he has had singing credits in numerous films, soundtracks, and records. His latest project was a successful collaboration with metal band ‘Rhapsody’.
Christopher Lee

Recorded in the U.K., Spain and the U.S., Revelation  covers a range of musical styles. Featured songs include: The Impossible Dream, I, Don Quixote (Man of la Mancha), Carmencita, The Toreador March (Flamenco), O Sole Mio (It’s Now or Never), High Noon, Wanderin’ Star, Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’, Name Your Poison, Toreador March (Metal Mix), The Little Drummer Boy, Silent Night.

We don’t have it in the store (yet) so you can buy Revelation at CD Baby, or just listen to some of the tracks.

Harry Potter Book VII has a Title

Not only that, but I’m going to share!

It’s “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”

The information was officially released in a brief statement by U.S. publisher Socholastic, Inc. No further information about the book is yet available. Rowling is still working on it.

Let’s face it, the news is boring, unless you

  • Go to Rowling’s Home Page
  • Click on the Erasor and go into the room where you’ll see a door, a window, and a mirror. In the mirror, you will see a hallway.
  • Click on the farthest doorknob and look for the Christmas tree.
  • Then click on the center of the door next ot the mirror. A Wreath will appear.
  • Then click on the top of the mirror, and lo, you will see a garland.
  • Notice a cobweb next to the door. You click on it and it disappears.
  • Now look at the chimes in the window. Position your pointer above the second chime to the right, click and hold it down. The chime morphs into a key, which opens the door.
  • Click on the wrapped gift behind the door. Click on it again and you can reveal the title yourself by playing a game of hangman.

Do you believe in elves, ents, wizards?

We know many of the folk who frequent our store are fans of the Lord of the Rings. For a lot of us, we discovered our love of myth or runes or herbs through an early influence of Tolkien’s work. We thought you would like to support the effort to bring the Hobbit to the screen by the same director who gave us the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We wanted to make sure you knew there is something you can do.