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Love Stands Broken

No, this isn’t an angst poem. Not exactly. The storm that whipped through Minneapolis with hail yesterday evening snapped the stems of two Love Lies Bleeding plants at the entrance to the labyrinth. Since these were volunteers which re-seeded from a couple of plants we bought last year, it’s not a financial thing. It’s just that they were growing up so much stronger and sturdier than the prior year. They didn’t even need staking. Now I’m wondering if I had them staked, if they would have made it through the storm better. Sigh

The good news is there are still other volunteer LLBs which made it through fine. We aren’t tearing the broken ones up yet. We’ll see if they survive, er, topless.

I’ll update you as to how it turns out.

A Crash Course in Tarot for Newbies #1 – All About the Cards

By Samantha Stevens

The Tarot is not just a divinatory tool, but it can also be utilized in the appropriately trained hands as a tool for providing counsel and advice with which we can navigate life. It is an antique form of divination that predates popular psychology, but has been shown to have archetypal energies that work well from a Jungian perspective. Tarot becomes a book of wisdom offering you a living parable or myth that reflects your life journey in the hands of the right Diviner. It describes a journey that mirrors your path in life. Usually the story is a direct description of what is going to happen in a particular window of time although talented readers can tell you much more than that from looking at the symbols in the cards! One of the main purposes of the use of the cards is to construct a future narrative so that you can make decisions to change your fate.

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