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Labyrinth Open for Walking + Tulips!

The labyrinth is now officially open for the season.  All the bricks which were leaning every which way are now in their proper rows, and we’ve got more blooms.  Crocus in the upper part of the garden, plus, Tada! Tulips are blooming, with more on the way.  Daffodils are budding.  It’s going to look glorious this weekend!

Wendy Rule Brings Mythic Music to Minneapolis May 28th


Wendy Rule - visionary singer/songwriterMinneapolis, Minnesota—April 17, 2008—Eye of Horus presents Australian Wendy Rule, joined by Nordic Roots performer Kari Tauring and special guests Felonious Bosch for an evening of myth-inspired music at the Cedar Cultural Center, 416 Cedar Ave. S., on Wednesday, May 28, 2008 beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Ticket price is $18 in advance and $22 at the door. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. Tickets for the event can be purchased through, Cedar outlets, the Cedar Ticketline at (612) 338-2674 ext 2 and the show’s sponsor, Eye of Horus Metaphysical store by phone at (888) 872-1292 or online at

Introduced by Radio Paganistan storyteller Steven Posch, the evening will unfold in three acts:

1. Dark and sardonic, Felonious Bosch sets the stage with music for the New Dark Ages. Meld medieval melody with middle-eastern overtones and add the twisted mystic lyrics of Katy Thomasberg to her powerful vocals, and you get a new old vibe.

2. Move on to the ancient Icelandic chants and Huldre stille tunings of Nordic Roots artist Kari Tauring as she returns to the Cedar stage with her huldre project. “Songs of the Völva” echos with the call of her ancestors.

3. Finish with the dark cabaret of Australian Wendy Rule. Her visionary lyrics draw on astrological and goddess mythologies, and her legendary live performance draws on her love of ritual and theater in a combination which transports the audience into an otherworldly realm of power and Magic.

A note from Wendy Rule: “This is sure to be one of the highlight concerts of this US tour. Both Kari and Felonious Bosch are wonderful acts, and the Cedar is a fantastic venue. The night will be full of Magic, Ritual and Music.”

About the Artists:

Wendy Rule has managed to carve a unique path through the musical mainstream, and has emerged with five major albums and a string of side projects to her name. With the release of her fifth full length album, The Wolf Sky, Rule has firmly established herself as one of Australia’s most uniquely gifted and prolific artists. Her music is a passionate union of her incredible voice – moving from soaring heights to intimate whispers – and her beautifully dark and visionary lyrics referencing astrological and goddess mythologies.

“Wendy Rule creates dark, sensual sonic theatre… compelling stuff.” – Rolling Stone Magazine, Australia

“Every so often Melbourne throws up a singular talent, someone previously hidden amongst the well-established musical tribes, someone possessed of a unique vision. Wendy Rule, the vocalist, songwriter and visionary, is such an artist.” – Beat Magazine, Melbourne

“If twilight has a voice, then that voice is Wendy Rule.” – New Witch Magazine, USA

Kari Tauring as The VolvaKari Tauring returns to the Cedar stage to present her huldre project, “ Songs of the Völva.” From Rune chants to Latvian lullabies, original tunes set to ancient Icelandic texts, and new twists on Norwegian folk standards Tauring’s work spans time and space. Her performance of Nordic vocal techniques, kulning, kveding, huldre loll and lokk accompanied by Stav (stick rhythm) and guitar resonate through the tap root of Norse heritage.

When asked, Kari explains the huldre:
“Huldre are a fairy folk of Norway and Iceland. Huldre stille is a tuning based on the langeleik (primarily a women’s instrument) which is tuned in A and D with a C or G added. I use ancient Danish texts, Icelandic chants, Rune songs and American story telling in the same tunes! It’s so much fun. It stretches us as musicians as well as giving us a deeper spiritual connection to our ancient past.”

Dark and sardonic, Felonious Bosch begins the evening with music for the New Dark Ages. The powerful vocal style of singer Katy Thomasberg floats and soars over the rhythms of bassist Drew Miller and percussionist Renée Bracchi. Shaken up and blended with Nemo’s dynamic riffing on bouzoukis, cittern and Felonious Boschguitar, David Stenshoel’s fiddle and Steve Clarke’s reeds, you get music that sparkles, with a centuries-old aftertaste.

“…Katy Thomasberg reinvents herself as a quasi-mystic probably headed for hell as she genre splices ancient sounding melodies from many cultures with dark lyrics sung by her soaring voice. A delightfully schizoid recording that shakes you up with its light-seeming sound floating through the heart of darkness.”
– Midwest Record Recap

“…intriguing, appealing… the Bosch mixes and matches Middle Eastern and Celtic folk music with (Katy) Thomasberg’s siren songs to create often mesmerizing tracks… …there’s a lighter-than-air quality to these songs, even as they often revolve around drones. Unusual and unusually attractive, Felonious Bosch gives folk tradition a 3.0 upgrade.”
– Michael Toland, High Bias

For interviews, or to find out more about the artists see:

Wendy Rule: / email Wendy
Felonious Bosch: / email Felonious / phone — 612-481-2320
Kari Tauring: / email Kari / phone 612-729-4019
Steven Posch: / email Steven

The Cedar’s state-of-the-art sound system provides excellent sound quality anywhere within the 465-seat capacity hall, with the clean aural experience augmented by clear sight lines. There will be room on the perimeter for dancing. More information about the venue and the show can be found at, including directions and parking information.

Sponsored by Eye of Horus Metaphysical:
Since it’s inception almost 5 years ago, ‘the Eye’ has been a resource for Myth, Ritual and Centered Living. With a Mythic Art Gallery, Garden Labyrinth, Classes, Drum Jams and Bardic Circles, the Eye has supported the exploration of Spirit and Myth. With this concert, this same vision remains, only the venue has changed. According to owner Thraicie Hawkner, “The truth is, we simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to see Wendy Rule live. We love her music and jumped at the chance to bring her to town.”
Eye of Horus will close early May 28th so the entire staff can go to the concert.

Eye of Horus contact:
Jane Hansen, Creative Director / email Jane
2717 Lyndale Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
612-872-1292 / 888-872-1292


Crocus Line

We’ve gone from one to many little crocus flowers. Here they are, all lined up next to the labyrinth path, and the wind is showing them how to dance. I got a picture of the whole line as well as a couple of closeups. Click on the images in the gallery below for full pics.