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Bloomin’ Crocus

Crocus Bloom April 9 2008Fickle Flower

I thought I was clever to catch the crocus before it bloomed.
I took my picture and posted it at noon.
But if I had only waited an hour or two,
I would have caught this happy view
drinking the sun to show off its bloom.

It’s the first flower of the season. Happy Spring!

Happy Poetry Month!

What’s popping up at the Labyrinth

Labyrinth in Early AprilThe labyrinth is clear for walking, if you don’t mind that some bricks are slightly askew. We’ll get those reset in the next couple weeks or so. As you can see from this image, the garden is pretty barren. We’re still doing cleanup, but what you don’t see are all the perennials just below the surface. We’re waiting on hostas, bleeding hearts, and Lilly of the Valley. Some of the perennials are starting to shoot up, though. There are daylillies galore on the sunny side of the garden. It even looks like they’ve spread a bit, some we will have to move, because they are at the labyrinth’s edge.

But the bit we’re really excited about are those tiny show-offs, the crocus. We put those in a year ago last fall, but nothing came of them last spring other than shoots. Crocus Buds Early AprilSo I had low expectations. But I guess they decided to settle in, because we’re already getting a couple of buds.

I’m thrilled, because these guys are supposed to naturalize, and we’ll keep getting more each year. There are only a couple of tiny buds so far (about 1″ or so), but for those of us aching for blooms (and not the hothouse variety), they are huge. I expect we’ll see some blooming in the next week or so, and hopefully, they’ll be joined by many, many more.

We also see the beginnings of Daffodils coming up, but I didn’t get a picture, it’s just a few tufts of green, and I want to wait until there’s something more substantial.

Wildflower Tulip ShootsWe’ve got tulips starting to break ground as well. Here’s a shot of some wildflower tulips starting to shoot up. These are not like the tall-stemmed hybrids most people think of when talking tulips. These guys stay pretty close to the ground, and the blooms don’t stay closed. They’ll open up in the sun. I’m looking forward to getting pictures of these when they come out. They are incredibly lovely. I’m also pleased to see how well they are multiplying. The labyrinth is mostly a perennial garden, and last year was our first time trying out any bulbs. I’d heard stories of how difficult they could be, and how they are often more annuals than perennials, but we got lucky. The walls around the garden tend to stabilize things and create a bit of a micro-climate.

Minnesota HollyIn Minneapolis, we are a Zone 4, but this hardy Zone 5 Holly has weathered three winters so far. We got this at Tangletown Gardens, and it included both the male and female in one pot for planting, so there are berries. At the time, they recommended a treatment for the leaves to help it weather the winter, but I never picked it up.  It weathered the last two seasons just fine.  But this last winter was much more of the traditional Minnesota sub-zero variety, so we lost some leaves, and had to prune back a few branches so the plant could focus on new growth. But despite this, the holly looks in pretty good shape.  We’ll plan ahead next fall and pamper it a bit more with the leaf treatment and extra mulching.

Well, that’s it for now.  I’ll post again when we have blooms.

Bardic Circle Starts Saturday, at the Eye

Bardic CircleApril is national poetry month, and Eye of Horus is celebrating by launching a bardic circle, hosted by Frothin’ Bard.

You are invited to come join the circle of Bards! It’s an open mic without the mic. Musicians, Poets, Storytellers, all are welcome to come and be part of the circle.

When: 2nd & 4th Saturday each month
Where: In the upstairs Gallery at Eye of Horus, 2717 Lyndale Ave S.
Event Time Details: 5pm to 7pm
Cost: Free – though donations to cover costs welcome.

Event Details: Join the gathering of the clan to share stories, chants, music and even humor. What clan?

Well, you could be Jungian, Norse, Pagan, Celtic, Wiccan, Gothic, Hindu, Buddhist, Folkie or what have you. At the Eye, all paths are welcome in an open circle. Although traditionally done around a bonfire, we keep the flames to a minimum in the gallery. Anyone can show up, sign up and give it your best.

Listeners are most welcome, you don’t have to perform. Just let us know if you do want some time. There is some structure, we try to make sure everyone gets their turn. This is not a jam, unless the performer on the live seat says it’s okay to join in. The Bardic Circle meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.