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From Solstice to Sultry

I think there’s just something about a cascade of clematis which makes me think summer.  Add in 80+ degree days and you have the perfect combination for sitting on the “We” bench and sipping pink lemonade, watching bees and butterflies do their thing. We have two varieties of clematis (both purple beauties) climbing the wall and then cascading down in our upper garden. They’ve really taken hold this year.

The rose bush we planted two summers ago, is also putting forth it’s little delicate blooms.  These aren’t the bold hybrid roses, everyone expects.  This is one which doesn’t require any extra fuss in the winter, and just does the simple blooms that nature originally intended.  It’s in front of the clematis, so it is a delicate counterpoint.  Here are all the pics, remember to click the thumbnail to get a bigger version:

Serious Fantasy Leads to Myth

Eye of Horus will have a table at 4th Street Fantasy Convention this weekend. We aren’t listed on their website, but honest, we’ll be there in the dealer’s room selling wares for those who are delving into Myth.  That sort of thing happens a lot in fantasy conventions.

Of course, the store will be open it’s usual hours, as well. So don’t be shy about coming by and visiting the labyrinth or getting a tarot reading from Amanda.

Here’s the official blurb:

Fourth Street is a small convention for people who are serious about good fantasy and good books– serious about reading them, serious about writing them, serious about appreciating them in all their various forms. It’s also for people who are serious about having a good time. It’s a weekend of high-quality, high-intensity, mind-stretching fun, focused on books– there’s a single track of programming that is at the heart of it all. When everyone sees the same panels, it leads to fascinating conversations in the consuite, hotel bar, and corridors.

Typical panel topics range from the sublime to the frivolous, from the uses of symbolism in fantasy to the symbolism of shoes in fantasy, from subtext to developing taste. The always controversial Moral Fiction panel is a favorite. Come and argue for yourself!

A Break in the Rain

I love the rain, for some reason, it has become my favorite time to walk the labyrinth. I just gear up in my raincoat and head on out there. Maybe it’s the sound of the rain falling. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s no one else out there when it rains and I’m just such a loaner. In any case, once the rain let up, I took the opportunity to capture some pictures of ‘my kids’ while they were busy drinking. As always, click on the thumbnail to get a bigger picture and more description.