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Plant a Forest for the Trees

Tree Friend

Tree-friendly Book Reading

The cliche is you can’t see a forest for the trees, but I can see the forest in the future.  More specifically, I can see Eye of Horus partnering with Eco-Libris to plant a forest full of trees. 1,000 trees to be exact.

Eco-Libris Tree Planting Program

Back in August, we partnered with Eco-Libris to plant a tree for books sold. It works this way:  When a person brings a book to the checkout counter, we tell them that they can plant a tree to offset the book by purchasing an Eco-Libris Sticker. It was during December when we realized just the amount of impact this could have.  Our staff and our customers were so excited by being able to do something, even if it was just a little, to help the environment. People were buying stickers to offset books they bought with us, they read in the library, and even books bought elsewhere. That’s when we decided we would set a target of 1,000 trees.

The 1,000 Tree Challenge

We just couldn’t see aiming for a small number, and one thousand trees is easy to remember. When we thought about it, we realized it was more than a grove, we were looking at several acres worth of trees, and you could even call it a small forest. What could be better for a Metaphysical store with an Eco-Spirituality core offering than planting a forest? All the Druids and dryads and faery-folk would love it!

Once we set this goal, we discovered one of our staff, Chuck Boe, was a verifiable Green Man. He sold as many stickers in December as the rest of us put together, and he only works part-time behind the register. Chuck is primarily a teacher, Reiki Healer and Tarot Counselor. He delighted in telling people about our tree planting program, and once they heard about it, people responded to the spirit and the vision of our little forest of 1,000 trees.

Eco-Libris Stickers Online

Eco-Libris Sticker

Eco-Libris Sticker

We didn’t think it was fair to our more remote customers to leave them out. So we have also made the eco-libris stickers available as an option for all of our books online, so it’s right there on the book page next to the description. Now everyone can buy a sticker to plant a tree and offset the books they read!

Sacred Geometry Workshop

Click Image for Info

Click Image for Info

Sacred Geometry is a precursor to all creation. The sphere, cube and pyramid are geometries that are fundamental to the structure of the Universe. These geometries hold vibrational energies, and you’ll learn how to use them to enhance your life!

All manifestation starts from the basic building blocks of life – sacred geometry. The sphere, cube and pyramid are fundamental to the Universe. In class we’ll practice how to activate a room using these geometries to increase the room’s ability to hold positive energy. These ancient mysteries are now being made available through a partnership between Eye of Horus and Rocky Mountain Mystery School certified instructors Anita Collodoro and Sarah Gebeke.

In class you will learn how to:

  • Awaken and invoke the powers of the three primary sacred geometries (pyramid, cube, and sphere) within your body.
  • Activate a room or a building, increasing the vibration and enhancing the protection of all those within
  • Activate a room to create a sacred space to meditate or do healing work

We will do hands on exercises, and practice activating a room during the class!

About these teachings… You won’t find this information in books – as it’s been handed down in an ancient wisdom teaching lineage for more than 3,000 years. Anita Collodoro and Sarah Gebeke are certified teachers, meditation instructors, and ritual masters trained to hand these teachings down to you.

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Sacred Place CD from Mary Youngblood

Native American Mary Youngblood , half Seminole and half Aleut, is not only the first woman to professionally record the Native American Flute, but also the first woman to win not just one, but two Grammy Awards for “Best Native American Music Album”.

Sacred Place CD

Sacred Place CD

Sacred Place – A Mary Youngblood Collection, was released late 2008. A compilation of some of her finest songs, this CD plays like a gentle legend: timeless, inspiring, and soul-soothing. The selections emphasize her serene, sometimes melancholy flute playing against sparse backdrops. She does flirt with rhythmic textures on “Yuba” and “Wind Whispers,” and guitar weaves its way through much of the album. But Youngblood’s confident flute playing has enough presence to make you push the other elements to the background and focus solely on her harmonies.

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Mary’s amazing talent brings a twist to Native Melodies through the influence of her favorite American music styles, Classical and Blues.  In fact, Dirty Linen Magazine stated, “Mary Youngblood brings a fresh perspective to original melodies.”

Mary Youngblood

Mary Youngblood

In addition to Mary’s two Grammy Awards and three nominations (the second was for her 2007 album, “Dance with the Wind,” she was the first woman to win ‘Flutist of the Year’ in both 1999 and 2000. She also won ‘Best Female Artist’ in 2000 at the Native American Music Awards (NAMMYS).

Mary started piano lessons at age six, violin at eight, classical flute and guitar at ten. As an adult, when Mary received her first wooden Native flute, she was driven to pursue the mastery of this instrument so tied to her own heritage.

Now years later with five unique and accomplished albums under her belt, Mary owns over 250 hand carved Native American Style flutes in her collection and uses a wide variety of them throughout every one of her albums. Each of her flutes is masterfully crafted from different types of wood, bringing a unique sound and texture to each song.

When Mary performs, it takes only a moment to acknowledge the profound spirituality of the sacred Native American flute and its historical courtship and wooing attributes. Her haunting music is much more than a song … it’s liquid poetry, a prayer.

Mary Youngblood takes little credit for the intense emotions people feel when they listen to her music. “I am only a vessel between Creator and this instrument. As a sculptor would tell you, the clay has a spirit of its own and decides what it will become; so it is with the flute. These songs came from those who walked before me.”