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Alice & Eve and Adam & Steve Candles for Love & Union

Eye of Horus is proud to present two new Love & Union Hoo Doo Candles just in time for Valentines Day. Coventry Creations, the makers of Motor City Hoo Doo Kits, Candles and Oils, created the Adam & Steve Candle and the Alice & Eve Candle to complement the traditional Adam & Eve Hoo Doo Candle.


Adam & Steve and Alice & Eve Candles

Now all couples of all orientations can light a traditional herbal blend candle to strengthen their bond and rekindle the flame in their relationships. Whether you are going through a rough patch, or blissfully happy, use this candle to deepen the love you feel for each other and strengthen your commitment.

Motor City Hoo Doo Candles are inspired by the old-time Hoo Doo recipes and conjures that root workers incorporated into every day magic. Hoo Doo is an ever-evolving tradition of earth magic with roots deep in our ancestral past. Motor City Hoo Doo is Coventry’s adaptation of Herbal Magic for Urban Folk. Each recipe is very carefully crafted to be powerful, effective and timely. Not only that but there is are traditional Hoo Doo rituals which activate each intention.

For these candles, it goes something like this:

With a pin or nail, inscribe the name of the couple 5 times in a spiral up the side of the candle. Hold the candle in your hands and say a prayer or affirmation. Light the candle every day for 5 days.

Like any recipe, we encourage you to use your own words to make them personal. The new Adam & Steve candle is a passion purple, and the the Alice & Eve candle is cherry red. The original Adam & Eve Hoo Doo Candle is a deep wine color.  Most of the candles are 4″ high by 2″ Wide and burn for approximately 30 hours. A couple are jumbo-sized at 7″ tall.

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