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Dance of the Moon Author Events

Free Talk: March 13 (Saturday), 4:00 – 5:30pm

Dan Furst – astrologer, author, actor, playwright, and artist – will be signing copies of his new book Dance of the Moon: Celebrating the Sacred Cycles of the Earth.   Dance of the Moon offers a guided tour of the various calendars of the world and shows how they developed in tune with humanity’s own spiritual evolution.

Dance of the MoonFrom the Egyptian feast of Thoth to the Celtic fire festivals, from the Chinese lunisolar year to the lunar-based calendar of the Muslim world, and the Mexican Day of the Dead. More than theory, this book is a virtual treasury of rituals to affirm our ties to nature.

Dance of the Moon Workshop: March 14 (Sunday), 3:00 – 6:00pm

For just $20 you can take a cross-cultural tour of traditions, pagan rituals, and practices throughout history that honor life’s cycles. Learn rituals which bring you into the true dance of time between earth, moon and your own life.

Just as the rhythms of the moon and the earth resonated long ago for our ancestors, these life-affirming cycles persist today in the rituals and festivals of the Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Taoists, Druids, Wiccans and the indigenous peoples of Africa and the Americas. Reconnect with nature and dance along with life’s sacred rhythms. Register today!

Dan Furst has been a professional astrologer for over thirty years. He has written his immensely popular Universal Festival Calendar since 1998 on his Hermes 3 website – — which Body and Soul called “a wonderful site, full of historical and mythological information.” He’s an internationally-respected authority on rituals and spiritual practices around the world. He has worked as a writer, actor, teacher and ceremonial artist in New York, Hawaii, Japan, India and Egypt, and lives now in Urubamba near Cusco, Peru.

Book Appointment with Dan FurstDan will be at Eye of Horus March 13 – 15 for private readings at special friends of Eye of Horus rates: $150 for Astrocartography, $125 for birth chart and transits (both 90 minutes), $50 for tarot (30 minutes). Astrology readings include an mp3 recording that can be played on any computer.
For information, and to book an astrology or Tarot reading with Dan: (612) 872-1292

Author Dan Furst

Dan Furst, Astrologer and Author

Dan Furst has a Ph. D. in Literature and Drama from Columbia University.  He has a unique perspective, having lived and worked as an actor and teacher with a worldwide perspective.

“Dan Furst is one of the best astrology writers out there,” according to Rob Brezsny at Free Will Astrology (August, 2006) Dan Furst is an actor, playwright, producer, astrologer, ceremonial artist and student of hermetic disciplines, including divination, sacred geometry, sound healing and ritual theatre.

During his years in Kyoto, Japan, he was the first foreign professional actor ever to study and perform the classical kyogen comedy for a run of five years, in which he acted more than a dozen lead roles in theatres all over Japan. He is the only foreigner ever to receive a geimei, or art name, in the kyogen world. He founded the award-winning Sirius Productions theatre company in Kyoto, and was the voice of environmental conferences convened by Mikhail Gorbachev and H. H. the Dalai Lama.

Furst has written and maintains the popular Universal Festival Calendar on his website, as well as writing about important time windows for planetary transformation. While in Hawaii Dan also coordinated the Sacred Sounds group of Oahu, which he formed with sacred musician and sound healer Kimba Arem in 1996, and was a speaker, musician and priest at many Earth festivals and environmental gatherings.

In 2003, Dan was the first actor ever to play Mevlana, the Sufi poet Jelaluddin Rumi.