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Eye of Horus – Counting the Parts

Eye of Horus – Counting the Parts

Although an ancient festival to celebrate our store sounds cool, actually it is a day which reflects on the mystical symbol of the Eye of Horus which serves as our logo.

Egyptian Festival of the “Day of Counting the Parts of the Eye of Heru” is on February 21st

The Eye of Horus (originally the Eye of Ra) is an ancient Egyptian symbol of restoration, sacrifice, protection and power, from the god Horus or Ra. The eye is divided into 6 parts, representing the shattering of Horus’ eye in one of many battles with Seth to avenge the murder of Osiris.  Each shape was actually used in hieroglyphs as a notation of the fractional parts. These parts correspond with the 6 senses and a particular fraction – Touch (1/64) , Taste (1/32), Hearing (1/16), Thought (1/8), Sight (1/4) and Smell (1/2). These are the 6 parts of the “eye.” The eye is the receptor of “input.” It has these six doors in which to receive data. The mathematical divisions are also attributed to the lunar phases.

Now, as far as “counting” the parts, we can see it in many different ways. All of these parts were needed for the Egyptian God Thoth to reconstruct the eye, however, if we add up all of the fractions we get 63/64. There is still a missing piece that is needed. Some say this implies that if something is broken, it can never be restored fully.

Nothing is perfect and therefore, we should not strive for perfection. Another way of seeing this is that the last needed component would have to be magic. Maybe we cannot reach perfection, but with the help of magic, we can restore our body, mind and spirit. Thus, if we use the divine energy from the universe, our own will and all 6 of our senses to help piece things together, we too can become whole. Of course, there is so much more to take from this day than just this, including aspects of sacred geometry.

However, taking this all into consideration is a good starting point, especially in these times of reflection and innovation. May you use your own wisdom and insight to see the true meaning in the day of “Counting the Parts of the Eye of Heru.”

Eye of Horus Ritual Incense Blend by Catamara RosariumYou might want to use our Eye of Horus incense, which was specially formulated to correspond with the 6 senses:

The following ingredients represent the six senses and the corresponding measurements in relation to the mythology of the Eye of Horus.  Each ingredient used in this recipe is also used with intention to correspond to each fraction in order to create this magickal formula. Namely, Frankincense & Myrrh (combined as one ingredient for the sense of smell), Fennel for sight, Black Storax for thought, Cinnamon for hearing, Carob for taste, and Lotus for touch, and finally, Honey and Wine (adjuncts)– The Edfu and Philae Recipes for Kyphi list using wine and honey as ingredients.  Fresh Horus Eye and Sweet Horus Eye respectively. Read in detail about this incense formulation>

Inside Van Van Oil

Inside Van Van Oil

The New Orleans All-Purpose Conjure Oil

Van Van oil is one of the classic purpose-blended oils alternately known as Hoodoo, Conjure, Mojo, Dressing, Anointing, Conditioning or Magical oils. These oils have purported properties to bless your intention, most of them are extremely specific, such as Court Case Oil, But Van Van is different. It’s the multi-tool of oils, good for a variety of uses. Even the name of Van Van has a unique history, and no, there is neither Vanilla nor Chevy in Van Van…

Van Van Oil by Lucky Mojo

Authentic Van Van Oil

The herb we call Vervain (Ver-VANE), is pronounced something like (vurh-VaHN) in French Creole, which then became Americanized to Van Van. Vervain is also known as Lemon Verbena. Although Vervain Essential Oil is sometimes listed as an ingredient, it is hard to come by and expensive, and Van Van is more often a blend of other oils, with Lemongrass listed as the main ingredient, and Vervain as a substitute or additional ingredient.

The signature scent of Van Van is clean and crisp, and comes from the variety of oriental grasses which make up the formula. Lemongrass is the central ingredient, a plant which brings great magical flexibility to the table. The other oriental grasses used to round out the Van Van formula have qualities similar to lemongrass, but broaden the scope in different directions, create depth to keep the formula grounded, and give the scent a deft touch. The result is a blend that is powerful without being overpowering, both energetically and to your senses, which is a tribute to how the formula was created.

Van Van oil originally appeared in New Orleans Louisiana, specifically in the West Bank district of Algiers, across the river from the French Quarter.  It was so widely used in the last century, that it was said you couldn’t turn a corner in Algiers without smelling the scent of Van Van.  A number of other oil recipes, such as the red Fast Luck oil come from Algiers, and for good reason.

Algiers – a Cultural Blend

Algiers is considered sacred by many Hoodoo rootworkers and New Orleans Voodoo practitioners. Thus, the recipes for oils and powders from the district are famous. Algiers is the second oldest area of New Orleans and became a place where various cultures and traditions mixed. [Read more…]

Full Snow Moon – February 25, 2013

Full Snow Moon – February 25, 2013

Full Snow Moon: Feb 25, 02:28 PM (CST) is in Virgo 07° 24′

Snow Moon in Virgo

Snow Moon in Virgo when Mercury is retrograde

The February Full Moon is known as the Snow Moon, and even the Snow Blinding Moon.
The Lakota Sioux know it as the Moon of the Dark Red Calves, while the Cheyenne called it the Big hoop and Stick Game Moon. Other names include the Quickening Moon, Hunger Moon, Opening Buds Moon, Storm Moon, and the Trapper’s Moon.

When the Moon is full in a sign it reflects the light of consciousness to the fullest. It is a time to be fully engaged with life in that specific area. This February the Full Moon is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury. But with Mercury in Retrograde, now is the time for contemplation and analysis rather than action.

The Quickening Moon

We’re quite fond of the title the “Quickening” Full Moon. The quickening is used to describe the first noticeable movements of an unborn child in their mothers womb. It marks a time when new life is beginning but hasn’t broken through the surface quite yet. Also, this leaves life open to so many wonderful opportunities  A journey has yet to begin. We are in the middle of Imbolc Season: A time of quiet, renewal and rebirth. While the skies are grey and the ground is white, life secretly begins to awaken. Soon enough, lush greenery will sprout from the earth and life will be abundant once again. One cycle is ending as another begins.The air is also filled with female divinity and fertility, which would make this a fantastic time for fertility and childbirth magick. With all this being said, use this time to better yourself and create the life you truly want. The possibilities are endless.

February Full Moon Personal Inventory

Use Virgo’s energy to look at your dreams and where you are on your path. Take stock of the specific gifts you bring, the ones which only you have to offer – do they line up with your profession or do you still need to find what Buddhist’s call Right Livelihood? Seek your greatest vision, and don’t let anyone block your intentions or talk you down. [Read more…]