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Full Harvest Moon in Aries – Sept 27, 2015

Full Harvest Moon in Aries – Sept 27, 2015

First, mercury goes retrograde on the 17th, then we get the Autumn Equinox on the 21st, a pivot in the turning of the year, and finally, it’s a Harvest Moon on the 27th. Hey, that’s on Psychic Sunday! We have a very busy time ahead of us astrologically.

Astrologer Heather Roan Robbins and HPS Thraicie talk about what Aries is up to in this latest edition of Moon Magic:

Druidry at Eye of Horus

Druidry at Eye of Horus

There are many spiritual traditions that fall under the Pagan path. Most often noted are the branches of Wicca, and here in Minnesota many Wiccan traditions are represented. Yet, Druids also have a large presence in the Twin Cities.

Druidry is a Celtic focused spirituality that nurtures relationships with one’s ancestors, the nature spirits around us, and the Gods and Goddesses. Respecting all forms of life is a core belief in Druidry, as well as being in harmony with all things. This unique spirituality originated in Europe during the time of the Celts and has flourished to this day.

New Intro to Druidry Class

Intro to Druidry

  September 28th (Monday) 7-8:30 pm

Here at the Eye of Horus, we are excited to offer an introductory class on Druidry hosted by the Mists of Stone Forest Grove. The class will cover a basic history of the Druids, go more in depth about the Gods and Goddesses worshiped, and discuss what Druid rituals look like. Come to the class with questions!  Members of the grove encourage questions of all sorts and won’t hesitate to answer. We hope to see you there! Cost is only $10.

You can sign up for the class quickly and easily through the Eye of Horus’ online store or in person at our location in Minneapolis. Click here to sign up online!

September 13 – New Moon in Virgo

Virgo, ever the perfectionist, takes this one step further to refine the beauty into utmost excellence. Watch the video with astrologer Heather Roan Robbins and High Priestess Thraicie Hawkner below, then read on for more on how to harness and work with this astrological energy:

Be wary of Virgo’s shadow, which can destroy everything in pursuit of perfection by focusing only on what is wrong. Instead, concentrate on nurturing what you love. Be cautious when removing obstacles; direct your energy into nourishing what is good, and ignore the unsavory aspects of purging wastes. This new moon might be uncomfortable because of our heightened awareness of these obstacles. Fill your world with optimism and love, as this leaves little room for negativity and doubt to take root.

New Moon Oil aids us in introspection and meditation, which can help us discern what we truly wish to create. Sarsparilla root helps manifest desires, and opens us to the universe’s guidance. Ametrine can help pull creative energy into refining our work.

This is an excellent time to begin eating healthier and embrace the energies of the harvest season. Health is always precarious as the stress of the fall season sets in, so we must remind ourselves to be particular about what we consume. Eat clean, avoid engaging in negative thoughts and patterns, and surround yourself with things that fill you with love and hope.

Harness Virgo’s nervous energy and transform it into appreciating what exists and making thoughtful improvements. Work, don’t worry!

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