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Harrow of the Week: The Lost

Harrow of the Week: The Lost

Running on empty.

This week’s Harrow card, The Lost, is truly a frightening sight. The card shows a warrior whose body and equipment are decaying. His body is emaciated and corpse-like, his sword is cracked, and his armor is crumbling to pieces. Under his helmet, however, is a paid of bright green, glowing eyes.

The being on the card is a creature known as a bodak, a foul thing created when someone is corrupted by exposure to the darkest and most sinister secrets of the universe. Bodaks are driven by sorrow and loss, angrily lashing out at a world they no longer remember. It should come as no surprise that the card is aligned Chaotic Evil, the alignment of unchecked and unfocused selfishness and cruelty. Likewise, the bodak’s loss of purpose puts it in the suit of Stars, which corresponds to wisdom, awareness, and intuition.

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