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Harrow of the Week: The Fiend

Harrow of the Week: The Fiend

With big, pointy teeth.

The final card in the Harrow of the Week series, The Fiend, is also one of the most demanding in many ways. The card shows a horrific, demonic being with blood red eyes and a gigantic mouth encircled with razor-sharp teeth. In one of its hands, it dangles a person over its open mouth, where we can see that several other people are already falling down its cavernous depths.

The Fiend, being aligned Lawful Evil, is the embodiment of the forces of tyranny, restriction, and strife. As it is part of the suit of Hammers, which corresponds to Strength, that indicates that these forces act in a very physical and tangible way instead of a mental, emotional, or metaphorical one. The Fiend is something which causes us to experience loss and confinement, often in an overwhelming way. It can represent a catastrophe of massive proportions as much as it can represent the after-effects of such a thing.

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