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June Full Moon in Capricorn 2018: Time For Reflection

June Full Moon in Capricorn 2018: Time For Reflection

Capricorn Full MoonThis month’s Full Moon involves three planets, all in rather interesting positions.

The Sun is in the tender sign of Cancer, while the Moon is conjunct Saturn in hard-working Capricorn. With this combination, we can get into some emotionally complex situations. We feel fragile and needy. But these might be needs that others simply cannot fulfill…which leads us to misinterpretation of other people’s intentions…which leads to a sense of rejection…which starts the cycle anew.

Breaking that cycle to find a calm center of self-awareness and self-care is the real solution. This is a very demanding time, and we are each likely to prioritize our own needs and wants over those of others. It would be wise to pause for a deeper analysis of our true motivations. Are we fulfilling our heart’s desire? Or the expectations of authority figures? Or something else? And what are we demanding or expecting of others to support that?

By discovering the true root of our own needs, and acknowledging those of others, we can refine our interactions. By conscientiously supporting each other, we can evolve together, rather than working at crossed purposes. Meditation and mindfulness practices can help toward this goal.

To read more on how to reach this goal, check out the book The Way of Tenderness by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel. For a little extra help, Shoyeido’s Sitting Zen incense can help encourage an atmosphere of calm. To help sweeten the air, light one of Coventry Creation’s Sweetgrass candles.

June New Moon in Gemini 2018: Explore New Ideas

June New Moon in Gemini 2018: Explore New Ideas

Our last newsletter discussed the Full Moon, as the Sun was in the early degrees of Gemini. Now we cycle around to the New Moon, which is in the later degrees of Gemini. The theme of insatiable curiosity continues and grows even stronger. We yearn to explore and learn about the entire universe. Meeting people, traveling, reading, talking and learning are all means for us to gain new perspectives.

And speaking of Gemini…its ruling planet, Mercury, has entered the early part of Cancer. This leans our instincts more toward secure and reliable ideas. Proven techniques become more appealing than taking risks at this time, especially where it involves the security of home, family or others who are dear to us.

Recommended products for this New Moon:

Sandalwood is my favorite scent-correspondence for Mercury/Gemini, and Shoyeido has some delightful incense options. Try their “Sandalwood”, “Love”, or “Golden Pavilion” to enhance your meditations or ceremony, during this month’s New Moon.

“Happy Home” candles, from Coventry Creations, will bless your home with the very best energy.

Barbara Moore’s “Modern Guide to Energy Clearing” is filled with proven techniques for spiffing up the vibe of your space, or your self.

Clean Off Those Crystals!

Clean Off Those Crystals!

By Madison Vinje

Here at the Eye, we get a lot of questions surrounding properly cleansing and charging your new crystal companions. Although each individual will have their own favorite way of performing this process, we’re here to help you out with some of our favorite methods.

Before we get into that however, what’s all this talk on cleansing them, anyways? What’s the point, and how often should this be tacked on to your to do list? Often times when a crystal is used very frequently, such as for an intense healing session or similar event, it almost feels as if their energy has been compromised. A really easy way to tell if this is the case is that it won’t feel as “electric” or “energetic”. Maybe it feels a little denser, heavier, or warmer than it has in the past. When a crystal is fully charged, it will typically feel “alive” in a sense. Cool and crisp to the touch, vibrating with enthusiasm. Almost as an eagerness to express it’s unique energetic signature. The more one works with stones, the easier it will be to pick up on this feeling as well as develop your own determining factors for cleansing.

Some individuals prefer to simply cleanse their stone collection once a month underneath the light of the full moon’s rays either in a windowsill or outside overnight. This is one fairly common method, but don’t worry if this doesn’t resonate with you and your relationship to your stones. Below you will find a few more methods that work just as well.


Stone “Vacation”

Think about it: your precious crystals live in the womb of mother earth up until they are fully formed, and most likely even longer than that. But when do they ever have a chance to realign with their true nature? Whether you have a full yard, or just some potted plants at your disposal, burying them every so often is a great way for them to release any energy they have accumulated up above ground and surrender it back to the earth. Just make sure to mark where they are hiding away so they can be relocated after their vacation is done!


Chilled Tap or Spring Water

Remember how we were talking about charged crystals feeling cool and crisp? Running them through some chilled tap — or even better, spring water — is a very easy way to accomplish this in a matter of minutes. If one has several stones to be cleansed, it’s really easy to place them in a bag of cheesecloth or muslin, and let them flow with the stream of the spring while you can conveniently hold onto them by the string of the bag. If you have a crystal point to be cleansed, it’s very effective to hold the point end either facing downwards from the tap, or facing downstream to allow the unwanted energy to “drain” from the crystal. Do this until the crystal feels “alive” again.


Salt Water Bath

Salt is a very protective and cleansing mineral, which makes it an ideal ingredient for a cleansing bath for your crystals. Simply fill a bowl with water as well as sea or table salt enough to completely submerge the crystals being cleansed. Commonly, the crystals will remain in the bath for a day or overnight, but they can be left for as long as you deem necessary. Just make sure to rinse them off after their bath and check to see if your crystal is compatible with water and salt. This can also be performed with salt alone in a similar fashion.


Not all crystals and minerals will be able to withstand being placed in water because they do not have a very resistant hardness. For example, if the mineral selenite is placed in water, it will immediately start to crumble whereas something like a diamond could be infinitely housed in water. An easy way to determine if your gem is safe to be placed in water or not is to simply research the Mohs Scale of Hardness to see where your gem falls. This scale determines the hardness of minerals from a scale of 1 (Talc) to 10 (Diamond). As a general rule of thumb, gems with a hardness above 6 will generally be safe to be exposed to water. These stones include sodalite, most forms of jade, garnet, quartz, and tourmaline.


Geode and Druzy Energy

Geode and Druzy crystal formations hold a lot of energy. Due to how many points these structures have emanating energy, they can transfer that energy to other crystals who can then benefit from their aura. Simply place these crystals on top of or inside of the formation for as long as deemed necessary. This can be doubly effective if the entire cluster is placed underneath the light of the full moon. Some crystals that are especially good for charging others are quartz and amethyst clusters, as well as selenite wands.


Herbs, Sage, and Palo Santo

One of the most well-known ways to cleanse is with the aid of plant allies. Often times, these plants are burned to release a smoke in which the gems will be exposed to, often times with the aid of a purifying intention. They can be burned over a charcoal burner, or simply lit directly in the case of herb bundles or Palo Santo. As you proceed, watch the smoke and how it behaves. When there is energy that needs to be diffused, the smoke may flow erratically as it interacts with this energy. A charged and or balanced stone, area, or person when exposed to this smoke may have little to no effect on how the smoke behaves. It will flow upward calmly with ease. Always look for this behavior alongside the feeling you receive to know when the cleansing is complete.

A few great herbs alongside sage and palo santo for cleansings include rosemary, cedar, mugwort, rose, and peppermint to name just a few. If you’re not one for the smoke, it is possible to bury your crystals in a bowl of these herbs as well, similar to a dry salt bath.



A very simple way to cleanse that can be used for free by anyone at any time is to simply hold the stone in your hands while visualizing a white purifying light entering and shining through the crystal. Continue until you can feel a solid bond forming between your two energies or when you feel the work has been completed.


Sound Baths

Tibetan singing bowls, binaural beats, tuning forks, drums, and other instruments will cleanse and energize crystals just as they can elevate our own states of consciousness. Simply playing these vibrations around your stones until you feel satisfied is sufficient, and having these frequencies playing around the home on a regular basis is an excellent way to perform maintenance work on both you and your stones.

This is just a small list on the numerous ways that one can charge their stones. Everyone will find what ways work best with them, so don’t get caught up too much in the formality that it can sometimes be portrayed to be. Listen to your intuition and the relationships to your stones and let it flow!