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New Moon in Taurus: Unflappable Goddess

New Moon in Taurus: Unflappable Goddess

Greenery greens! Flowers blossom in vibrant color and scent as the new moon in Taurus bears its fruitful horns on May 4 (5:45 pm, CDT). The five senses light up as sensual pleasures are heightened! Creature comforts and earthly delights reign supreme. The Aries ram charged ahead forcefully this spring (3/21-4/19), yet Saturn in Capricorn held the reins tightly to keep the ram from getting too fast and too far. Sun journeys through Taurus (4/20-5/20) and the horns that previously pierced against the constraints of Saturn now dance in rhythm with him. A solid earth goddess stands strong and immovable as her stoic and loyal nature melds well with Saturn’s persnickety rigidness! Slow and steady dedication paves the way.

Busting out of stagnant routine clashes with the tendency to dogmatically follow rules. Saturn in Capricorn is separative when certain ideas that are polarizing become more keenly perceived as they are reflected in the physical reality. Modes of thinking and inner processes become externalized in sometimes painfully obvious ways. This dynamic ushers in change as it becomes crystal clear what is working well and what is not. Pluto goes retrograde on April 24, and events that happened in early October 2018 return for re-evaluation.

The cosmos snap, crackle, and pop with fire as we put words to zany and original ideas that dawned into consciousness this spring season. A strong push turns ideas into action!

What rules and regulations will keep Mother Earth’s environment safer from harm when she comes back to life after the long winter? What new ways can we infuse the care of the natural environment into our daily habits? The earth element is strong now, a good time to reaffirm sensitivity and care toward our planet as well as the physical body and its needs.

To revel in the 5 senses, try using some of the Eye of Horus’ Aphrodisiac essential oil blend. This blend is designed to enhance the response of all our senses to discover the pleasure that the world has to offer. To help manifest goals on the material plane, try lighting one of Coventry Creations’ Witches’ Brew Candle as part of your magical work. This candle is designed to help you access your personal power and enhance your ability to make your dreams a reality. To channel brilliant ideas into form, light some of Shoyeido’s Inspiration incense from their Angelic line. This special incense is formulated to help raise your creativity and awareness.

Full Moon in Libra:  Rambling on the Rocky Road

Full Moon in Libra: Rambling on the Rocky Road

The full moon in Libra packs a punch Friday, April 19 (6:12 am, CDT)! Surprise revelations and abrupt epiphanies bring clarity to situations that were concealed in the foggy mists of the previous March. A powerful push directs the flow, breaking apart and separating. Choices become clear at a crossroads of sorts. Saturn changes direction, retrograding April 20, potentizing the full moon. Sharp turns around hard edges navigate rocky roads. Big changes unearthed help to move stagnant and stuck patterns!

Reactivity has a polarizing effect. Saturn and Pluto straddle the south node, transforming and purifying intensely. Balance may be sought by exercising determination with difficulties while finding an outlet for restlessness and the need for newness.

Another dynamic involves freedom-oriented quester Jupiter in Sagittarius, elbowing the lovely and elusive Venus in Pisces. The God of Merrymaking pursues the Goddess of Love, and the chase gets exhausting as more and more is demanded from her. Opportunities for growth make themselves known; use wisdom as a guide for narrowing choices down to palatable form!

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