Meet the Owners

Thraicie Hawkner, Founder, Eye of Horus, Inc.

Thraicie Hawkner, Founder

Eye of Horus began as a dream of Thraicie Hawkner (pictured at left). Before becoming an entrepreneur, she spent over a decade working for a giant corporation. Until she was laid off, and took the opportunity to pursue her dream of bringing her vocation and avocation together in a metaphysical business. Beginning in 2002, she incorporated as Eye of Horus, and went from traveling around to shows and festivals around the region, to a web-based business, and on October 31, 2003 finally a street-front store at 2717 Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Jane Hansen came on-board shortly before the store opened doing design and website work part-time, helping translate Thraicie’s vision into a brand. She loved the spirit of the enterprise, so she also helped with the initial store design and setup, and soon became webmistress for the Eye. Before long, she began putting her money where her talents were, and invested in store fixtures and inventory. In 2005 Jane coordinated the team of volunteers which constructed the labyrinth. Then she learned to garden, because something had to go around the labyrinth. She’s still learning from the plant people, and keeps a labyrinth journal. It wasn’t until December 2007, that she decided to make her own leap from the mega-corporation where she worked to become the full-time Creative Director at the Eye.

YouTube Interview with the Owners

Magick TV came to cover the Wendy Rule concert we put on in May of 2008. They have put up a total of 15 segments of that concert up on their channel on YouTube. This is only the first segment, which shows our store, and has interviews with Thraicie Hawkner and Jane Hansen, the owners.

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