Arts and Connection

Eye of Horus is more than a store.  We feature originals as well as prints representing the finest art for altar or home. . . .

“Eye of Horus means art! Jewelry, clothes, Deity icons, ritual tools- all a feast for the eyes and great gifts. I LOVE the gallery space that also is cozy ritual space- it’s a pleasant place to gather. It’s also the closest spot to home when ritual starts in an hour- and I forgot to buy candles or incense!”

Beyond the artwork and products we present, the Eye is about the people who work here and the connection we all share. We think creating a space that is both nurturing and full of wonders is an art form, too.

“The Eye is more than a store, its a gathering point, a meeting place, a crossroads of ideas and a home away from home. The feel of the Eye is wild and calm, sweet and strong, and just what you need before you even need it. Sure, I love the books and the candles and the jewelry and the statues and the stones…but, more than that, I love the people and the incense of the atmosphere, the jazzy excitement of magick left over from countless rituals and the soothing feel of the labyrinth and the garden.

I’ve done rituals there and its so easy to slip into the right space because it’s already half-way to Faery.”

“The readings I get…the Reiki from Chuck, the gentle “Hello” from Thraicie, and the kindness from any of the women behind the cash register… these are the things that keep me coming back to the Eye.

The vibe is crisp and clean at the Eye of Horus. The merchandise seems as if it is hand-picked, and the artwork is compelling. I have been attending a support group at the Eye for a few years now and the sense of community, acceptance and diversity is nourishing to me.

I love the Labyrinth and the sprites, spirits & lovelies in the garden.

I love the Eye of Horus and as long as I am in the Twin Cities I will shop, socialize and succeed there.”

“As a semi regular customer, I feel that the staff tries to make your experiences pleasant to help you find what you are looking for. I am a huge statue freak and usually they can order what I may need, and they also have the wonderful labyrinth open seasonally. They run classes for beginners in a wide range of pagan/ spiritual topics, and have good tarot services. As a male customer, I usually go there for candles etc. focused on the feminine mysteries. The Eye for me, has been a good experience.” ~Ron Mackmurphy

The Eye included an art gallery from our inception because we had a wonderful gallery space with high ceilings that could show off the art, but also because, with artists in the family, we knew first-hand how art could lift our spirits and transform a mere room to a sacred space:

“Eye of Horus is my home away from home. That’s where I find my sister Jane working in the backroom on the website and all the advertising and events the store puts on. In the past, I helped to paint the rooms, rented space there for my artist’s studio, worked behind the counter, and had my first one woman art show. I also learned Reiki there, do Faerie Readings, walk the labyrinth. Well, you get the idea. Sure, I’m family, but it’s a spiritual place for me when I need a little good energy.” ~Beth Hansen-Buth

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