Author/Musician’s Stories

It seems there is always something going on or coming up at the Eye. We have regular monthly events, but are also a ‘touring’ location for artists and authors, like these. From Goth to Faerie, we are a diverse place, and somehow, it just all fits. Here’s a bit of perspective from our visiting dignitaries:

Raven Digitalis“As a well-known Pagan/occult author who travels for book signings, I have been to quite a few bookstores and metaphysical shops. I’ve seen many different types of stores and many different types of store-owners. Eye of Horus stands out in my memory as a fantastic experience.

The employees are truly dedicated to helping spiritual seekers of all types. They are profoundly genuine and go the extra mile to ensure hospitality and kindness to all those who walk through their doors. I can’t wait to return.” ~Raven Digitalis, author of Goth Craft, Shadow Magick Compendium & Planetary Spells & Rituals

Kenny Klein“As a touring musician and author, Eye of Horus was suggested to me as a place where I might perform and lecture. I was pleasantly shocked at how well run and well stocked the store was, how attentive the staff was to my needs, and at the publicity the store generated for my event. I had a great show there, and I am returning in a few months, looking forward to another successful appearance at this shop!!” ~Kenny Klein, musician and author of Through the Faerie Glass

I visited the Eye in March 2010 to do a book signing for Dance of the Moon, and a talk and workshop on Living by the Moon. Thraicie and Jane produced and hosted me beautifully. They are true communal wise women and treasures whose space is and will be a hub of metaphysical wisdom in action because it provides an inspiring, nurturing space where like-hearted good people can meet in a spirit of love, friendship, service, learning and celebration. I hope to visit Eye of Horus again, and I join with all who hold the intention that the Eye’s field of vision will get ever wider. All blessings and success to the Eye, and to Thraicie and Jane.” ~Dan Furst, author Dance of the Moon

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