Wand Maker Goes Holly Wood

Master Wand Maker Bill Pine of Oliver’s Wands was interviewed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, making him darn near famous for a Minnesotan. Bill works with a variety of sacred and exotic woods, including wonderful wooden wands made out of Holly, which are available here at Eye of Horus. [Read more…]

In Defense of Fluffy Bunnies

by Beth Hansen-Buth

A lot has been said and written about what’s wrong with a variety of pagan or new age spirituality sarcastically referred to as the Fluffy Bunny. Just search Google for Fluffy Bunny Wicca and you will see what I mean. Those who follow the FB tradition may call themselves White Witches, Pink Witches, or Lightworkers. They are different than the black-clothed goth-lings who get their kicks out of frightening their parents and delight in improving their psychic vampire skills. Those would be the Misguided Gothic Vampire Bunnies from Hell or MGVH.

A true Fluffy Bunny believes that God and/or Goddess is good, loves us, and wants what’s best in our lives. Fluffy Bunnies like angels, spirit guides, crystals and flower fairies a great deal; as well as healing just about anything with the help of angels, spirit guides, crystals and flowers. Fluffy bunnies glow with childlike joy when they talk about their Goddess, and work hard at opening their third eye without getting bogged down with complex tools like the Tarot or Runes. Their chakras put out pastel rainbow colors when they are doing their lightworking, which is just about all the time.

Fluffy Bunnies embrace love, life, springtime and high vibrational energies. Sometimes they jingle when they walk because they love wearing bells and baubles which sparkle and tinkle. This often makes many Serious Traditional Wiccans, or STWs, who prefer their Gods imperfect, dark, tricky and unknowable very uncomfortable around the FB’s. Their circles are filled with seriousness, angst, and secrecy, believing that’s how it always has been and always should be. Incapable of lightening up, they shun the light, soft comforting embrace of Fluffy Bunnies.

Those who follow the FB tradition love to hug you any chance they get, wear lots of pink and violet, and smell like flowers. The FBW, or Fluffy Bunny Wiccans, take the wiccan rede “Do as thou wilt an it harm none” to a place closer to “do as thou wilt an it heal and uplift all” in actual practice. They make spells out of nursery rhymes, love children, and enjoy singing happy songs. They sing praise to the Goddess and thank her for her beauty while wearing super sparkley eye shadow and lipstick.

They also offer a gentle bridge to people seeking alternative, new age or pagan spirituality. Sometimes they settle down and learn to dig in the dirt becoming Gaia Pagans, and start wearing earth tones and ecologically friendly make-up. But when the flowers bloom in spring you can see the FB in them come out in all it’s glory. For they are glorious in their joy. When you see the twinkle in the eye of an FB a part of you may even see the Goddess in all her dancing, shining Maiden and Mother-love self, while the Crone and the Hunter are off catching bunny rabbits for the children to play with. Maybe, just maybe, there’s some wisdom to be found in wonder and joy too.

About the Author
Beth Hansen-Buth is a Wiccan, Reiki Practioner, Faeries’ Oracle Reader and Artist with some Druidic tendencies. She thinks it’s high time for grouchy old Wiccans to lighten up and enjoy themselves and hug a Fluffy Bunny or three.

copyright © 2007, Beth Hansen-Buth

Beltane – The Ritual of Summer Begins

Beltane Fire

by Beth Hansen-Buth
Beltane, or May Day is a celebration of flowers coming into bloom, and is often considered a spring festival today. The celebrations usually begin on April 30th at sundown, and involve things like bonfires, selecting a May Queen & King, dancing the may pole, and other quaint old world customs. Today there is a renewal of celebrating this yearly fire festival around the world. In Scotland the Beltane Fire Society will be celebrating it’s 20th year of putting on this festival which attracts 12 thousand people to Calton Hill in Edenburg. Just as Halloween/Samhain marks the beginning of winter, Beltane marks the beginning of spring. Legends tell us that on May Eve the Fairy Queen rides forth to lure mortals to her realm.

In Germany, April 30th is known as Walpurgisnacht, and it was believed that witches flew on their brooms to the Brocken Mountain where they danced all night around bonfires. This night is named after St Walpurga, who came from England in the 8th century to become the abbess of a German monastery, who’s feast day is May 1st. In Sweden and Finland there are still huge bonfires on this night, and May Day picnics are the norm.

These ritual activities attune the community to the cycle of the year, and to each other as a part of the cycle of life. Donald Tyson has this to say about the importance of ritual:

Ritual is a mechanism for changing all four levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We all know that our feelings affect our physical health and condition. We know that our minds, both the part we see and the part we do not see, control our feelings. What many do not realize is that there is a fourth level of spirit that determines the state of our minds…The greatest benefit of ritual may be, not its limitless power of transformation, but the way it allows those who practice it to perceive value in things they already possess, whether these are the forests and lakes around them, or the people in their lives.

Participating in a Beltane ritual allows us to welcome Summer with an attitude of excitement, celebration, and community. At the same time, we have the opportunity to honor and revere the cycle of life and nature as sacred. For over 30 years In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre has held a May Day Parade and Festival at Powderhorn Park, here’s the details of this year’s event:

This year’s theme is Somos Agua / We Are Water
Sunday, May 6 the Parade begins at 1:00pm at Bloomington Ave and 26th Street in South Minneapolis, proceeding south to 34th Street. The Tree of Life Ceremony and an all-day festival follows in Powderhorn Park.

Time: 1:00- 4:00
Cost: free

Weather permitting, the Eye of Horus Secret Garden Labyrinth will be available for walking and meditation during daylight business hours. Come and visit the flowers and have a happy Beltane everyone!