Full Moon in Taurus: Earthly Delights

Full Moon in Taurus: Earthly Delights

The full moon in Taurus November 12 (7:43 am) turns up the five senses that bask in earthly delights and also the psychic sixth sense! Exploring the senses in love, music, art, and cuisine could be what the doctor ordered. Desiring more and expanding options may tip the scales toward overindulgence. It’s a time to play with fantasies, keeping in mind that all is not exactly what it seems. Discoveries come into view but the meaning of them gets clearer over time.

Mercury is still retrograde in Scorpio; revisiting the past is a part of the story. A mystery with a question mark hanging over its head returns for revision. Reconnection occurs through different forms, such as a phone call or email. Or the missing pieces of the puzzle appear in an alternative manner, such as a dream or an uncovered memory. Deep and passionate feelings resurface during Scorpio season and get openly expressed as Venus and Jupiter reside in fiery Sagittarius. Secrets become revealed indirectly.

Embracing the stillness of a slower pace gives space for reflection. Debacles and snafus that get in the way can redirect energies to where they need to go, though they may deter from the original plan. What appears to be imagination and daydreams now eventually opens up new avenues.

To connect with the sensual world and your desires, use some of Eye of Horus’ Love Oil or Love Spray. This essential oil blend is perfect for opening up to love, pleasure, and sensuality. To help reconcile with your deeper feelings and discover the mysteries there, burn some of Morningstar’s Amber incense. This light, warm, and powerful incense encourages creativity, wisdom, and making good decisions. Finally, to reflect on, redirect, and open up new paths, light Coventry Creations’ Needed Changes candle. It’s designed to get you out of the energetic ditch and onto a smooth road toward a better future.

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New Moon in Scorpio and Samhain

New Moon in Scorpio and Samhain

New Moon in Scorpio

The moon is new in Scorpio on October 27 (10:38 pm). The screw turns another rotation down the thread, reiterating a theme that occurred in early August. A break in the pattern or a change in rhythm is indicated by this new moon. Rebel archetypes don’t care to follow standard traditions with Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra.

Venus embodies the attraction principal, but when she’s in Scorpio it goes deeper than surface beauty and social niceties. A curious magnetism gravitating toward mystery depicts Venus in Scorpio, such as a ghost wife or zombie bride! Mars is the fighter and warrior archetype. When he’s in Libra, he isn’t hotly direct and forceful but instead dispassionately responsive. A transformative edge runs beneath the undercurrents of this new moon, as relationship dynamics come up to the surface for review.

The mood is highly celebratory October 31, yet hibernation mode begins shortly after! Samhain and Halloween mark Mercury beginning it’s retrograde in Scorpio (10:42 am) that lasts until November 20. As per usual this time of year, the veil between worlds becomes thin and gets even thinner yet when Mercury appears to rewind. Introspection leads to reflections that reveal buried treasures. Occult mysteries become glamorized! Spectres might pay a visit, what is it they have to say?

To tap into the power of transformation flowing through the air, light some of Shoyeido’s Diamond incense. This incense is designed to help you tap into your personal power to shine as bright and endure as long as a diamond. To help hear some of the messages coming through, add Eye of Horus’ Meditation Oil to your routine. This oil is designed to help you concentrate, focus, and find your spiritual center, opening you up to what the universe is trying to tell you. Finally, to break through the patterns and establish something new, light Coventry Creations’ Outta My Way candle. Part of the Wicked Witch Mojo line, this candle is meant to help you clear away the old and bring in the new.

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Moon in Aries, Sun in Libra: Fairness and Justice

Moon in Aries, Sun in Libra: Fairness and Justice

Full Moon in Aries

The moon is full in Aries October 13 (4:07 pm)! A hot-temper seeks balance coolly with the sun in Libra. Icy politeness and diplomacy mitigate tough situations. Transformation is hinted at, but does an explosive power struggle become a part of the equation? Out of the blue dynamics are called to attention as a rebellious and daring edge reflects the need to break out of patterns in terms relationships, values and money. Residual twists and turns echo after what was started on the new moon September 28. Pros and cons are weighed, as feelings of discomfort arise at the threat of change. A purging of old baggage is apt.

The motivation to get up and go is fierce, trailblazing unmapped terrain! And yet taking time and following rules keeps this vim and vigor in check. Horses forget they are bound by reins, but the reins tighten as they forge ahead. How can structure and discipline be useful at this time?

Looking at what is unfair or out of balance motivates toward action, evening out the scales of justice. Deep intuitions point toward a vision. Optimism softens the hard edges in visioning what could be better.

To encourage yourself to keep balance during this time, try burning some of Shoyeido’s Amethyst incense. This smooth, silky blend of sandalwood, cinnamon, and saussurea is designed to bring balance and inspire insight. To increase your ability to concentrate and apply discipline to your energy, add some of Eye of Horus’ Focus Aid oil to your routine. This pure essential oil blend is ideal for work, study, or any project that requires your sharpest attention. To invoke the spirit of fairness, burn one of Coventry Creations’ Truth and Justice candles. With notes of frankincense, sandalwood, and myrrh, it’s reminiscent of temple incense and designed to call upon the spirit of universal balance and justice.

If you’re curious about how this full moon might affect you, come in for a reading with Madeline Youngstrom.