Harnessing the Power of the Archangels for Manifestation

Harnessing the Power of the Archangels for Manifestation

Eye of Horus presents this Free Lecture and Book Signing with author Chantel Lyssette, PhD

Angelic PathwaysWhen? Sunday, June 8th 6-8pm
Call 612-872-1292 to RSVP. Seating is limited.

Chantel Lysette PhD, professional angelologist and international author will be celebrating her most recent book, Angelic Pathways, as it goes worldwide, joining her two previous books!

Join her on a mystical journey into the realm of angels and find out how you can work with them to fulfill your divine purpose. Several audience members may be chosen by raffle for a gallery-style angel reading to demonstrate Chantel’s most sought-after event, the Angel Gallery.

Book Release Party & Ice Cream Social

Book Release Party & Ice Cream Social

Join author Diana Rajchel for the book release party and ice cream social to celebrate the release of her new book, Divorcing a Real Witch.

Come to the Eye Friday, May 30th for

  • Free Workshop (7-8pm)
  • Ice Cream Social & Book Signing (8-9ish)

About the Free Workshop

Divorcing a Real Witch

Divorcing a Real Witch

Work through that heartbreak and pain with guided meditation directed by Diana Rajchel, author of Divorcing a Real Witch. Address jealousy, anger and depression in this free workshop for those seeking magical methods of self-care. You need not have experienced divorce to participate. Stay after for the ice cream social and book launch party!

About Divorcing a Real Witch

Divorcing a Real Witch addresses the painful emotional journey of divorce from a Wiccan perspective. Along with sharing her own experience, author Diana Rajchel solicits the experiences and advice of other Pagans on how to handle this life passage.

Diana Rajchel is a 3rd degree Wiccan priestess in the Shadowmoon tradition. Her work has appeared in SageWoman, Circle Network News and Llewellyn annuals since 1999. She has herself experienced divorce and through that process created a system of support and self-care based on her Wiccan belief system and values. She lives in Minneapolis, USA.

Kristoffer Hughes – Free Talk, Q&A

The Mysteries of the Celtic Cauldron

Druid Kristoffer Hughes

Kristoffer Hughes

February 14th (Tuesday) 7-9pm – FREE Event

Kristoffer Hughes is the current head of the Anglesey Druid Order and studies with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. In 2012 he was awarded the Mount Haemus Scholarship for original research in Druidism and related subjects. His love of Celtic heritage and culture caused him to pen his first book “Natural Druidry” his latest book “From the Cauldron Born: Exploring the Magic of Welsh Legend and Lore” is scheduled to come out this summer.

The Welsh National TV Network S4C is sponsoring his trip, along with a film crew, for a documentary of his life as a Welsh Druid and a writer working with Llewellyn.

At the centre of Pagan symbology and iconography stands the cauldron, a symbol and tool that has continuously influenced and inspired the Pagan traditions. But where does it come from and why do we continue to use it? The Cauldron is perhaps one of the primary symbols of Celtica, one which connects us to the magic of the Celtic cultural continuum. Discover the origins and role of the Celtic Cauldron, its associations with the divine feminine, its function and applicability as a tool of modern magical practice. Share in the magic of tradition and teachings from Wales and discover the deep, ancient magic of the Celtic Cauldron.

[box type=”bio”] A native Welsh speaker, Kristoffer Hughes was born to a Welsh family in the mountains of Snowdonia in 1971. He lives on the sacred Island of Anglesey, Wales, the ancestral seat of the British Druid Priest caste. His love of Celtic literature and traditions guided his path into the exploration and practice of Celtic paganism. Kristoffer frequently presents lectures and workshops throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. [/box]

Natural Druidry BookNatural Druidry Booksigning

We were able to obtain a few copies of this imported title for the Kristoffer to sign.  Please call 612-872-1292 to reserve your copy, or pre-purchase online.

Natural Druidry is a deeply personal account of one man s journey through the dappled groves of culture and tradition. Exploring the inspiration of Druidry through the eyes of a man in love with heritage and the land, Kris takes you on a journey into the mysteries of the Druid tradition, into the shadows of the past and the magic of Druidry.

Written with simplistic clarity, humour and tears, Kris invites you to share his journey through tradition, descending into the mysteries of Druidry and of its practise in the twenty-first century. Exploring the fundamental principles of Druidry from ritual, connection, mythology, shamanism and finally a personal ride through the Druid year. Share in a world of wondrous beings, of sheer potentiality beyond comprehension, and the awe and childlike surrender one feels when confronted with the enchantment of Druidry.

Inspiration lies at the heart of this book, where the joyous experience of the flowing spirit of Druidry known as Awen; sings through dry ink. Journey with Kris into the magic of the past and the present, deep into the vast cauldron of spiritual enlightenment that sings from the land, that whispers to us upon the breeze as the breath of our ancestors.