The Visionary Art of Paul B. Rucker

Take a journey through physical self, levels of consciousness, and into transcendent realms.

Inspired by myth, diety and personal revelation, Paul paints vivid colors and light-lines to evoke the dancing energy surrounding both traditional and new mythic figures. His original art is featured at the Eye of Horus, both on our gallery wall, as well as throughout the store.

We also carry some of these images and several of his other works as limited edition prints, all in runs of less than 500.  Prints start at only $15 for limited edition, archival quality prints of 24 of Paul’s paintings, both in the store and in the Art of Paul Rucker section of our online shop.  Each is signed and numbered by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Interview with Paul Rucker

We sat down with Paul to talk about his work and inspiration. We ended up with five short videos which explore the nature and understanding of life and the divine. Click here to go to the YouTube playlist.

In Part One of the interview, below,  Paul talks about his early experiences and how archetypal beings, gods, goddesses became the driving force behind his art. We also discuss his current work with body painting, ritual theater and sacred drama. Art, as he strives to create is Mythopoeic work, and artists reshape the Mythical Matrix.  We also explore the vibrancy of  Paganism.

In the second half of the interview, below, Paul explores the creation and meaning of two of his works. The first is his image of Melek Ta’us.  The second is image of Oshun.  We talk about how he doesn’t just set out to depict a pantheon, rather he connects with and answers the call to paint a divinity, and finally, Paul reflects on nature’s wisdom.

In His Own Words



As a small child I shared my visions by making pictures. That act of magic still sustains me.

When still very young I dreamed of a White Stag that took me to a moonlit grove, wild and rambling, filled with Gods’ names. Not the “Names of God” but the names of the Gods and Goddesses of the world. To stand anywhere in that holy place was to feel each Divine personality completely. All were there, every divinity the human world had ever known, and the Stag of the Moon leading me on and on… even then I knew my task was to bring that magic back to this world, somehow, through making images.

I think of myself as part of the Tribe of Dream… the people who bring heightened reality into the world through art and other acts of creative sorcery. View a video of Paul as he discusses the mythic symbolism of The Androgyne.

The Art & Appearances

I paint in acrylic and occasionally in other water-based media and in oils. I draw in pen, pencil, and mixed media. Other experiences involve creating theatrical backdrops, murals, collage, sign painting, mask-making in clay and paper-mache, silk painting, costuming, and elaborate face and body paintings.  In 1997 my art was featured in a mixed-media collaboration by the performance group Body Prayers at the Merrymeet festival. In 2006, 2007, and 2009, my “Blue Man” persona extended the boundaries at the Faerieworlds Festival in Oregon.

My images have been featured on and in magazines such as Green Egg, Hecate’s Loom, Mezlim, Psychedelic Illuminations, Tapestry Journal, and Reclaiming Quarterly.  In recent years my exposure has grown to include Spellcraft, Witch Eye, Faerie Nation Magazine, and the Green Egg Omelette anthology. I’ve provided work for card games, logos, T-shirts, brochures, and CD album covers: Ancestor Energy and Mojo Roots: “Prakriti’s Kiss.”

Paul Talks about his Influences

In the beginning, of course, were the dreams and visions I had no words to express, which led me to make pictures. Very early influences include the lush and amazing illustration in childrens’ books of the late 60s and early 70s– such as the work of Leo and Diane Dillon, who illustrated many of the most fantastical of the stories included in the Silver Burdett Reading series. Saturation in literature came fast and deep. To this day I think of myself as a “writerly” painter, because my art always alludes in some way to story and myth.

I never cared for mere realism, since one could see that anywhere, and far too much of it besides. In reading faery tales, I never identified with the hero or his/her sidekick the way I was “supposed” to– it was their faerie guardian or angelic helper or radiant friend/enemy from the Otherworld that held me fast.

Later on I delved into my parents’ collection of the Time-Life series of “Great Masters of Art”: my fascination with mythological images and scenes, paralleled what I was learning about Greco-Roman, and later Egyptian, Norse and Indian mythologies. I learned about who, or at least of what nature, the supernal personalities I saw in my dreams and sidelong visions were.

In college I began to make an active effort to expand my inner sensibility by studying and incorporating artistic/spiritual styles from many different cultures, most notably Asian art: Moghul images, Tibetan Thangkas, and so forth. Exposure to psychedelics and “entheogens” obviously left a mark as well. But after graduation I continued to work to expand the boundaries of my inner eye: gathering books for instance of artists just beyond my range such as Frida Kahlo and Gauguin, so that I could taste where their work and style was coming from.

Gremlin Fugue by Paul B. Rucker

Gremlin Fugue

One of my most important epiphanies came from a book on Aboriginal art: the frontispiece showed nothing but a dark and wrinkled hand, presumably the artist’s, lightly touching an Aboriginal painting done in undulating dots. I suddenly got it: these were energy paintings! Ever after I searched for more primal and trans-cultural ways to relate to these styles: Huichol, shamanic arts. The more I learned the more I realized how to learn; that the arts I had the most affinity for and that could teach me something, came from the same current of relating to the world in its invisible, energetic, and more than ego-based aspect: the universe was not a stage for the ego, and the world not simply its tool and plunder, but an infinite diversion of living beings, a “great story.”

Perhaps the ongoing journey between the two hemispheres of my own brain in absorbing Images and Music and Stories, then studying philosophy and discourse relating to expeditions “behind the veil” of ordinary reality, has shaped my approach to my themes and subjects. View a video of Paul discussing his meld of music and art – Gremlin Fugue. I find the greatest meaning in my art as a marriage of content as consciousness (understanding) and content as transmission from the nonrational and often surprising Undermind. I see my work as ongoing dispatches from a miraculous theater of myth and meaning, out there, in the Otherworld.

Paul B. Rucker originals showing at Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus also has two of his Pen and Ink originals available: Mother Goddess and To Dance for Iblis.  Prices for the original paintings start at $900 and the Black and White originals are $350.

Your Divine Work – T Thorn Coyle

Discover and chart your path to your Life’s Work in this Weekend Intensive with T.Thorn Coyle

Many of us struggle with our daily, money-earning work because we have a sense that  there is bigger, work that we are meant to be doing. Listen, now, to the calling of the earth and the stars:

There is work that only you can bring to the world through your life, your dreams, your hands, your voice, your heart. You make manifest this magic, and help weave the cosmos in all its shining beauty. What is the song of your soul? What is the longing pumping through your cells? What is your life’s purpose and your True Will? How can you tune into your own divine nature and shape your destiny? Once we understand our Divine Work, our lives take on new energy, connection and significance: We are literally creating the cosmos.

In this workshop, we will listen to deity, to life source, and to our own divine nature and ask the question “What is the work of this God?” Whatever the answer to this question – a whisper or a shout – we will take one more step into full power and liberation. We can bring the work we do into alignment with our soul’s destiny and together, we can change this world and all the worlds. We can begin today.

Bring a journal, a cup, rhythm instruments if you have them, and simple art supplies (crayons, paper, pencils, magazines/glue/scissors for collage…).

Weekend Intensive: Saturday, May 28th 1-9pm & Sunday May 29th 10am-3pm

Please pre-register before May, if possible – Thorn needs a guaranteed minimum before booking a flight to MN. A 50% deposit ($75) is required to hold your spot. Call 612-872-1292 to make a deposit. You can also pay in full with credit card or paypal online: $150.00

About the Instructor

T Thorn Coyle

T Thorn Coyle

T. Thorn Coyle is an internationally respected teacher of spiritual practice who has been studying the magical arts for close to 30 years. Pagan, mystic, magic worker and author of Kissing the Limitless and Evolutionary Witchcraft, and co-creator of several music CDs, she is also featured in many anthologies and hosts the popular podcast Elemental Castings.

Thorn has a spiritual direction practice, and is founder and head of Solar Cross Temple and Morningstar Mystery School. She lives by the glorious San Francisco Bay.

Nordic Roots Day

We invite you to a day of exploration, performance, and good folk coming together for a common purpose–to explore their Nordic Roots. In our modern quest for spiritual enlightenment and connection, many people are finding their way back to the deep root traditions of their own cultural heritage, mending and healing the broken traditions of their own ancestral folk ways.

Perhaps  you are curious about Nordic roots spirituality, perhaps you have been practicing your ancestral traditions and are looking for others to connect with, or perhaps you teach a specific pathway of Norse tradition such as Asatru or Heathenry– this is a day for you!

What: Nordic Roots Day
Where: Eye of Horus Metaphysical
When: March 20, 2011
Scheduled Events: Open House from 2-7 pm | Panel discussion from 3-4
We begin the day with Nordic Roots music by Kari Tauring and Stavers in the House!
Follow Event on Twitter: #norsday320

Yggdrasil - the World Tree

Yggdrasil - the World Tree

Minnesota is well known for its high population of Nordic immigrants. These immigrants from Scandinavia, the Baltic and Eastern Europe brought with them similar folk beliefs and traditions, the nature spiritual awareness inherent in farming, and a deeply held reverence for ancestors. They are linked by their Indo-European language and customs carried through from the Bronze age to the Immigrant era.

The diversity of Nordic roots practice in just the Twin Cities area is exemplified by the diversity of the panel we have put together. Hosted by our own Völva (staff carrier) Kari Tauring, panelists include:

Peter Laudert – Hafskjold family stav martial and spiritual arts from Norway

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese – Heathen Witch and shaman with 3 decades of practice

Volkhvy –elder and shaman with deep roots in Slavic and Germanic Heathenry

Sara Axtell – leader in cultural healing at the Powderhorn Cultural Wellness Center and Runehof Asatru kindred.

Val Miller – gythia (god-woman) of Volkshof Kindred and leader in the Asatru community through the Midwest.

Kari Tauring is a Völva (Old Norse for staff carrier), sharing her ethnic heritage through performances and workshops. Völva stav is a unique expression of the Indo-European Folk Soul. Her artistry, driven by a passion for her own heritage, combines twenty plus years of scholarship and practice of runes, stav (stick rhythm), poetry, songs, dances, and the healing and spiritual arts. Kari has summoned the Heathen (pre-Christian) origins of her folk soul into her Immigrant Era heritage bringing Northern European spiritual and artistic expression to a new level.

Kari balances Northern European traditions with her North American ancestors to create a healed and unified heritage. She is a bridge walker through time and space of global proportions!

Teaching through performance, workshops, recording and writing, Kari has gained an International audience.
She was featured on Norwegian television (“Alt for Norge”, 2010) a visiting völva back to her homeland. She will be teaching Völva Stav in Trondheim, Norway in September 2011.