Everyday Witch Tarot – First Impressions

Everyday Witch Tarot – First Impressions

Everyday Witch Tarot Kit Box

The box has a sturdy magnetic closure flap

First let me confess that I tend to be serious about the Craft and my understanding of a Witch as a practitioner of sacred alignment with the natural world. I don’t have witch kitch decorations everywhere. My idea of Fairies are more along the lines of Brian Froud. My humor is dark or sarcastic. The Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake is an excellent example of a style and tone which appeals to the lighter side. Still, I liked Harry Potter, just like so many people, so I decided to take a closer look. The first thing I liked was the box. It wasn’t a flimsy affair, but a sturdy magnetic closure contraption you can slide into a bookshelf stuffed with tomes of history and lore and the box will still not fall apart. Then I looked at the cards. I never start with the book, because it’s all about the symbols and the art, for me. The cards in the Everyday Witch Tarot are borderless, and the name of the card is in a banner along the bottom.  The art itself is richly illustrative in a classic storybook style which is slightly evocative of a turn of the century (that is, the turn of the last century).  The artist, Elisabeth Alba, was a new name for me. I have included images of the cards later in this article for you to see for yourself. [Read more…]

New Familiar Spirits – Pokémon at the Eye

New Familiar Spirits – Pokémon at the Eye

It is traditional to burn incense as an offering to spirits in many traditions, but some Eye of Horus Staff and readers have discovered our incense selection is drawing some new familiar spirits… Pokémon. It seems there is a pokémon stop just a few steps from the front door to our store. Admittedly, these aren’t the familiar spirits we are used to, but we really do support diversity. Rather than discourage visitations, we have decided to welcome them into our store and even have gotten some photos of them exploring the store. We also think, though this is a game, we can learn a thing or two about nature spirits and incense and archetypes.

Incense Lures Them

Photo of Pokemon Eevee in Incense Section

Eeevee in the Incense Section – After Dragon’s Blood perhaps?

We think it’s our incense section at the front of the store that lures the Pokémon in. There’s stick, cone, dhoop and traditional resin incense and herbs which make that front corner a favorite location. We aren’t sure if they are drawn to the three different types of Nag Champa (Blue Satya, Golden Nag, or Red Shanthimalai), or the Sage Bundles, or the traditional Japanese Incense sticks.

Japanese Incense Ceremony

Seriously, though, cultures from around the world have used incense as offerings and to draw in good energy and spirits for millennia. We carry incense from around the world. All over, various floral and spice scents are used, but different areas have different prime “notes” for the region. Frankincense is sacred in the middle east, Sandalwood and NagChampa in India, Amber in Europe, Sage in America. But in Japan, they take their incense very seriously. Kōdō (香道, “Way of Fragrance”) is the name of the Japanese tradition of incense burning. Kōdō is counted as one of the three classical Japanese arts of refinement, along with kadō for flower arrangement, and chadō for tea and the tea ceremony.

Elemental Spirits Aren’t a New Thing

Pokémon originated in Japan and have migrated here. We take the point of view that these characters are simply commercialized archetypes of nature spirits, and anyone familiar with the elemental spirits will see parallels with some of the “types.” There are eighteen different Types of Pokémon which include Normal, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ground, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Grass, Water, Electric, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Dark and Fairy. Each has their own unique strengths, representing the various gifts and aspects of the world in which they inhabit; not unlike the Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the four elements used in western magic magic and mysticism, and represented in the four suits of the Tarot. We think this is why this Jynx is visiting our Tarot Demo Station… Not only is it a Psychic Type of Pokémon, but the symbols of the Tarot are no doubt familiar.

Jynx Pokemon in Tarot Demo Station

Pokémon are a cultural Phenomenon with Ancient Ancestors

In western Europe, there was a tradition of Fairies, in Scandinavia there were Land Wights and Huldre. Many of our stories, which began as tales of interaction with natural forces and deities, have echos in modern art and cartoons. Pokémon seem like a similar thing to fairies, though with a broader scope.  Though, since Pokémon come from Japan, the creators draw more on their own culture for archetypes. The indigenous practice and beliefs of Japan is Shintō, which literally means “the way of kami” (kami means “mystical,” “superior,” or “divine,” generally sacred or divine power, specifically the various gods or deities). In Shintō all the deities are said to cooperate with one another, and life lived in accordance with a kami’s will is believed to produce a mystical power that gains the protection, cooperation, and approval of all the particular kami.

So, yes, we welcome Pokémon in our store, and people outside “capturing” them, with the understanding that the games we play do affect our outlook on the world, not as profoundly as spiritual practice and interaction with the deities and spirits of earth-based religions, but as an opportunity to celebrate the diversity offered in these characters and to use as a springboard to further understand our own cultural paradigms. It’s also okay to have fun every now and then.

We also think, that when you are out walking, you should turn off your phone now and again to experience the sacred mystery and diversity of the elemental, animal and earth spirits our western culture has either demonized, demoted or forgotten. Step away from the game and into the mystic.

Tess Whitehurst – Holistic Energy Magic

Tess Whitehurst – Holistic Energy Magic

Holistic Energy Magic by Tess Whitehurst - Charms & Techniques for Creating a Magical Life

Call 612-872-1292 to request a signed copy!

Book Signing – April 25th (Saturday) 12-12:30pm

Tess Whitehurst is coming to Minneapolis to celebrate the release of her new book, Holistic Energy Magic. This work is about going directly to the Source for energy work or magic.  Interweaving New Age techniques with Pagan sensibilities, learn how to use the power of your own mind, body, and spirit as well as crystals, herbs, and flowers to achieve positive conditions in your life.

Organized into two sections, Holistic Energy Magic provides magical foundations and a spellbook of charms and invocations for success, love, health, and happiness. Enhance your spiritual path by fostering a strong relationship with the five elements. Develop relationships with magical allies, including angels, ancestors, and animals. From cleansing your home to aligning with the divine, this accessible guide helps you create the magical life you want.

Tess Whitehurst (Columbia, MO) is an intuitive counselor, energy worker, feng shui consultant, and speaker, and the author of Magical Housekeeping and The Magic of Flowers. She has appeared on the Bravo TV show Flipping Out, and her writing has been featured in Writer’s Digest, Whole Life Times Magazine, and online at AOL, The Huffington Post, and Lemondrop.com.

Holistic Energy Magic: Charms & Techniques for Creating a Magical Life
By Tess Whitehurst
Trade Paper
ISBN: 978-0-7387-4537-4
US Price $16.99
288 Pages
May 2015
Llewellyn Publications

Workshop – April 25th (Saturday) 1-3pm

Charms and Techniques for Creating a Magical Life

almost SOLD OUT! Call 612-872-1292 to be put on wait list

Like a clear mountain stream, your life has a natural and ideal flow. Holistic energy magic is a way of working in the invisible realm – not just while you’re meditating or performing a ritual, but all the time – to get you aligned with that flow and to consequently affect positive change in every area of your life. In this fun, experiential workshop – based on popular author Tess Whitehurst’s brand new book – you’ll step deeper into your power and practice new ways of expressing your inherent magical and spiritual gifts.

This workshop will provide you with practices and philosophies that will help you:
  • Feel confident, joyful, and free.
  • Manifest your desires easily and with very little effort.
  • Draw more blessings of all varieties.
  • Experience more success in all life areas.
  • Express your creativity all day every day.
  • Receive divinatory messages without any oracular tools.
  • Tap into and trust your inner compass.
  • Awaken to the magic of life.

Call Eye of Horus at 612-872-1292 to be put on a wait list for this $25 workshop, or to reserve a copy of her new book to get signed.