New Moon 21° Capricorn: Jan 11

New Moon 21° Capricorn: Jan 11

Friday, Jan 11, 2013 at 2:44 P.M. Central

New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn

Friday’s new moon will be in Capricorn, but it won’t be alone in that most practical of signs. The Sun and Moon come together at 21 degrees Capricorn, which in turn meet up with Pluto, Mercury and Venus; all in Capricorn. But this gathering of energy doesn’t end there.  Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn, the Lord of Karma and planet of fate. Saturn also rules Aquarious, and Mars will be in Aquarius. What does this mean? A mega-dose of Saturn energy.

Saturn’s Energy

Saturn Glyph NASA Image and Asrology Keywords

Saturn Astrology

Saturn loves tradition and experience. The energy of this planet is about duty and discipline, and it is a great teacher, if you can learn to work within structure.

Take your time and be patient for the outcome. This is not the time to run off willy nilly. Be practical and use Saturn’s energy to shore up your self-discipline to not only dream, but to actually take your ideas, feelings and energy and manifest what you want in the world. Because, although daydreaming is fun, It’s not enough to have a dream, and now it’s time to have a plan, and oh, what a great time to plan this is.

Manifest your Destiny

Every new moon is a new beginning because it marks the time from darkness to increasing light, which makes any new moon the perfect time to set things in motion and plant seeds for future growth. But this time, with the new moon in Capricorn–the more you can plan, visualize and take concrete PRACTICAL steps, the better.

Dreams Reiki Charged Votive Candle

Dreams Candle

If you are working with others to manifest a dream, so much the better. You can use the power of Mercury in Capricorn to your advantage.  Mercury is all about communications so think about written goals, press releases, or writing ‘the future story of our lives’ to describe how things will manifest. Brainstorm and work together.  Mercury is especially useful for formalizing and communicating plans, and making them practical, with achievable steps and goals.

Time to follow your Heart

Speaking of plans, what is your heart’s desire? Not just for now, but that thing which you get reminded of every few years or so? Maybe it hasn’t seemed realistic before now, but with Venus in Capricorn, and Saturn, the Master of Time working for you, it just might be the perfect moment to figure out how practical it would really be for you to follow your bliss. What is your first step?

Attraction Anointing Oil Bottle - Lucky Mojo

Attraction Anointing Oil

Whatever you do, take your time to set both the big goals and the practical ones. Make a plan. Saturn will block you if you just start running out on an adventure, without your pocket handkerchief, but this lover of organization rewards patience and responsibility. So if you have a clear vision, and take steps towards that vision, you can expect to find doors opening and just what you need at your fingertips. The smallest act of will sets up just the right resonance to call out to the universe, that now is the time. But you need to be ready for this law of attraction to work, and you need an action plan so when the resources appear, you can utilize them.

If you need ideas, here’s a hint. With Mars in Aquarius, you have a lot of energy to put toward Aquarian values like creation, change, building relationships, living within your means and making a difference in people’s lives.

So don’t be afraid to dream, but put together a plan, line up all the resources, and give it a nudge to put something new in motion.

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Full Moon in Cancer: Dec 28th

Full Moon in Cancer: Dec 28th

Cold Full Moon 07° Cancer

Friday, Dec 28, 2012 at 4:21 A.M. Central

Cancer Full MoonOther  names for this December Full moon: Frost Moon, Winter Moon, Long Night’s Moon and Oak Moon

Cancer is the sign for home, which is perfect in this hibernating time of year. But cancer is also liable to indulge in emotions, moods, and concerns for safety. For those who are affected by our lack of sunlight, this can be a challenge as we turn a bit too far inward. But just remember, the solstice has passed, so the days are getting longer.

So how do you deal with this need to nest and feel?

Spiritual Cleansing

Spiritual Cleansing

Turn your emotions and intentions outward, to service; whether it is working on the feng shui of your house to make a more positive atmosphere, creating more time for family and friends, or just coming up with a good budget for the year. This is an ideal time for strengthening your home base, core relationships, and being of service.

The holiday season can be festive and hectic, so now is a perfect time to do a bit of energetic tidying of your home. Break out the sage, basic, lavender or any number of herbs, oils and candles to bless your home, such as this Spiritual Cleansing Blessed Herbal Candle. Whenever you can, open the blinds to let all the sun in, and take some time to be zen like a cat as you sit and soak in whatever warmth and natural light you can get.  Candles can be particularly good in the dark evenings this time of year.

This cancer full moon is also a healer’s moon, as all the care of home-loving cancer is illuminated, especially for healing rifts in family relationships. Remember to care for yourself, take time off, rejuvenate in a spa or even just a long, luxurious bath.

Mercury is not retrograde, but…

Peaceful Home Mojo Oil

Peaceful Home Mojo Oil

Mercury sextile Uranus is one of our strongest aspects right now. It’s energy is all about the unconventional, provocative and surprising, the drawbacks are misunderstandings, usually in the form of rudeness or interrupting others simply because of over-excitement. The solution to this problem is the energy of full moon in cancer, where we concern ourselves more with others. Taking care of others, providing service, making sure all voices are heard.

To ensure everyone stays civil at home, try this Peaceful Home Oil, made from traditional Hoo Doo recipe with essential oils and real botanicals. Anoint a candle with the oil, sprinkle it on your hearth or anywhere you want to create a happy and harmonious atmosphere.  This line of oils takes aromatherapy back to its roots in the immigrant and native american lore of hoodoo.

Full Moon in Taurus: Oct 29

Full Moon in Taurus: Oct 29

Full Hunter’s Moon

06° 48′ Taurus – Monday, Oct 29, 2:50 P.M. Central

Taurus Full Moon

Full Moon in Taurus

October’s Moon is also known as the Travel Moon, the Dying Moon, or the Blood Moon. Traditional cultures worldwide have festivals to celebrate the October Full Moon such as:

  1. The Disirblot of Freyja, Norse Goddess. This moon marks the begining of the Winter season. On this night, great family feasts were held which featured foods sacred to the Autumn deities.
  2. The Aztecs and Toltecs celebrated The Festival of Ciuateotl, the snake woman goddess to appease the Goddess of strife, misfortune, and labor whose name means ‘the great bath of sweat’.

Taurus Full Moon Energy

Manifestation, Healing, Security

Prosperity Affirmation CandleOctober brings a serious manifestation moon; however, it also some serious security and stability points of interest. This moon in both Taurus and 2nd house means a lot of root chakra concerns, so any insecurities we have could be augmented. The thing to do is feel the feeling, and then address it. This is an ideal moon to sit down with the focused intention to shift your footing or position in areas in your life where you feel unstable, disconnected or rootless.

With the fixed Taurus moon tightly trine Pluto in Capricorn, it is the perfect time to blast open any feelings of instability or insecurity we might be dragging along from our past. This will open up the future to one of choice rather than one based on habit.

Steady Work Hoodoo Candle

Steady Work Hoodoo Candle

Taurus the bull is tenacious and consistently seeks security, if you combine this dig-in-your heals energy with commitment and a clear intention, whatever you begin will have sure footing and be hard to stop.

What are your emotional survival tactics? Are you reacting rather than acting? It’s a perfect  time to assess your habits and make a conscious choice to move in a different direction, especially if you need to shift from a glass half-empty to a glass not-only half-full, but overflowing. You can shift your relationship with manifest reality to one of security and abundance.  The key is to be clear, be focused, and invoke all your senses. [Read more…]