First-Quarter Moon

First Quarter Moon

At first-quarter moon, the dance between light and dark has reached it’s midway point, once more. The male-female energies of sunshine and earth-shadow balance each other out, with the male energies starting to increase. Light, display, definition and clarity are all on the rise, so start implementing a new plan or idea, or work out the kinks. It will be easier to see the details in the coming days.

Of course, the moon is always feminine, it is only the reflected light which is male. So the feminine shines that much brighter when the male gaze falls upon her.

Last Quarter Moon

Last-quarter moon

It’s the last quarter moon. Sometimes known as third quarter, it is the midpoint between full moon, and new moon.

Metaphysically, the goddess is hiding half her face. It does not mean she is turning away, it is only the shadow which makes it seem so. Remember, the shadow is cast by mother earth, Gaia, the goddess of growth. So it doesn’t mean things aren’t growing and prospering, it just means not in a showy flashy way illuminated by the light of the sun. There is less to boast about, but the roots are growing deeper, hidden from view.

From an energy standpoint, the waning is a letting-go in preparation for the new moon, the birth of intuition. It is when the goddess steps forward, and the god begins to step back. Both action and intuition are in balance right now, male and female in the yin yang dance, with the female starting to ascend so understand the energy may not be as bright and flashy. It is a good time to re-evaluate, take stock, and begin asking what your intuition is telling you, let go of things which keep you out of balance. Keep your feet planted on the earth (shadow) even as you look to the sky.