Sacred Smudge Spray

Sacred Smudge Spray

Have you ever wanted to smudge your car, your office, or other non-smoking environments? How about your hotel room when you are traveling?  Let’s face it–we can’t always light a smudge wand on fire. Smoke is simply not allowed or wanted in some locations, and for some people, such as those with asthma or allergies, smoke is unhealthy.

Sacred Smudge Spray - Sage, Cedar and Palo Santo Essential OilSacred smudge spray is the smokeless, pure alternative to burning sage. Whether you need to change the energy or just lighten the air, just one spritz and the wonderful aroma of this spray creates a clean and blessed atmosphere. This quick and easy smudge spray uses only a traditional plant blend of sage, cedar and palo santo true essential oils for energy cleansing and ritual use.

These three traditional plants are carefully blended in this refreshing and fragrant smudge spray to disperse the same natural plant energy used throughout the ages in cleansing ceremonies. In fact, shamans and other traditional healers speak with respect of the spirit of each healing plant. These plant spirits provided our teacher-ancestors with the powerful medicine of smudging and have traditionally been our energetic allies. When we create our smudge spray, we do bless it with Reiki Energy, to make sure all the energies are clear, but we do not change the spray smudge with any other energies or add anything from other belief systems which could dilute, divert or in any way interfere with the pure spirit of the smudge.

Sage + Cedar + Palo Santo = Pure Plant Power

Our sacred smudge spray uses only true essential oils of these three traditional smudge plants in a spray bottle of ‘liquid smudge’ for you to use anywhere or anytime smoke is inconvenient. Here are the traditional properties of the essential oils blended in our sacred smudge spray mist:

  • Palo Santo is considered sacred by many native peoples of South America. It is said to purify and clear objects, places, and people.  Only tree branches that have fallen naturally to the ground are used for the distillation of this oil.  No trees are cut to produce the Palo Santo Essential Oil in this smudge spray.
  • Sage  is used worldwide in traditional energy-cleansing ceremonies–the sage essence attaches to negative energy and folds it back in itself to transform the negative energy into positive energy. Some say sage summons courage, wards off jealousy, increases mental acuity, and attracts prosperity. Our spray uses Organic Sage Essential Oil.
  • Cedar is often used in the sweat lodge (and in the Scandinavian equivalent–the Sauna). The scent of cedar attracts good spirits and eliminates negative energies. Native Americans put boughs of the white cedar on tepee poles, believing that it would ward off lightning.

Locally Crafted to be Naturally Pure

We respect the purity of native traditions. Nothing is added from crystals or holy water from various cultures, etc. This is absolutely the purest smudge spray we could create. It may be in a brown bottle, but our smokeless smudge spray is totally green.  In fact, it is:

  • Vegan
  • Uses only the highest-quality ingredients (no artificial fragrance oils)
  • Cruelty Free (never tested on animals)
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Made in Minnesota

Benefits of Sacred Spray Smudge

Are you sensitive or empathic and work with people? Some people leave lingering energy which may disrupt your concentration or leave you on edge. Use our smokeless smudge spray in these situations to reset the energy and put it on a more positive note.  In fact, liquid smudge is AMAZING for practitioners, consultants and therapists of all professions, as smudging helps keep your consultation rooms feeling light and welcoming, plus it helps to prevent heavy or distracting energies from building up.

Wondering exactly when to use smudge spray?  Many have found Sacred Smudge Spray can help with relaxation, rest, work, concentration, healing, meditation.  Smudging purifies and blesses the energy of a house, workspace, objects as well as mindful actions and activities. You can spray liquid smudge at home, at work, in the car, while traveling, in the bedroom before sleep, to prepare for important activities, to purify the air after difficult events, or to help transform your mental or emotional state.

Tips for use:

  • Use our sacred, smokeless smudge in a doorway to invite positive energy and strip off negativity.
  • Spray around the perimeter of any area you want to protect, and throughout any area you want to purify and bless.
  • When outside, stand with your back to the wind and spray three times to carry your prayer/intention/spell.
  • Use just before meditation or yoga for clarity and focus. (Or before study or a creative endeavor).
  • Spray after any particularly charged ritual or interaction to “clear the air”
  • Lightly spray on your bed before sleep for positive dreams.
  • Spray around your AURA (energy body) for personal cleansing.
  • Use any time you want to spiritually purify a space.

CAUTION: Do not spray in eyes. For external use only.

Traditional Native cultures offer simple and natural solutions for mind-body-spirit well-being, and smudging is one of the most common and powerful practices. In fact, spiritual healers from all cultures have always burned herbs or incense to purify people and places. Smudging with sage, palo santo, or cedar is done before all ceremonies, important meetings, and during illness. Now, with smokeless smudge spray, you are no longer limited as to where you can bless and be blessed. Pick up a bottle or two today.

Do you have any of your own tips or experiences with Smokeless Smudge Spray? Please comment!

Keeping a Book

Writing things down that happen in your coven or in your rituals is not just a useful tool for keeping track of what happened, but can lead to insights that you might have otherwise missed.  Certainly, many of us can relate to the idea of “circle memory,” which is actually a lack thereof.  What happened in circle can quickly become hazy once you’ve stepped out of that frame of mind.  Connections insights, and experiences that were crystal clear at the time may slip away from you, especially the longer you wait to talk about them or record them.

Some groups keep a coven book with ritual details and information about the members, but keeping a private journal for yourself is also a good idea.  Of course, some of us shrug at that idea and go, yeah sure, I’ve tried to do that before and it fell by the wayside after a few weeks or months.  Certainly, that was my feeling and experience in trying to keep a diary over the years.  Yet a ritual journal is not necessarily the same thing, though you can choose to start a journal that encompasses both your spiritual and everyday life experiences.

Keeping a ritual journal can become part of your spiritual path.  Each time, after you’ve done a rite for yourself or attended a group event, you can go home and write down not just what happened, but what you felt and figured out, including any insights and visions.  Over time, this becomes not just a record of your experiences, but a guidebook towards getting a better view of your path–where you are, where you came from, and where you might yet be going.

You can expand on the journal by adding in any dreams that relate to your spiritual journey, divination results, and even important phrases that jump out at you from books, movies, and classes.  Put all together, the puzzle pieces can begin to reveal who you are and why you are here.  They can show you what sort of rituals you might want to create to take you another step onward, to push the envelope just a little bit further.

Despite my failure with various diaries, I’ve somehow managed to keep a regular journal now since 2004 and its filled with not just my circle experiences, messages from the Gods and other spirits, bits and pieces of articles and books in progress, but also poems, stories, and plans for what I wish to accomplish each year.  Looking back at the early books, I can not only see just how far I’ve come, but can find insights that I missed at the time or that simply needed the passage of the years to unfold.  Those scribbled words in black and green ink have proven priceless, not just for my own sense of self-understanding and exploration, but for aid in creating what I wish to send out into the world at large.

© 2009, Veronica Cummer, author of Sorgitzak and Masks of the Muse.

Beltane – The Ritual of Summer Begins

Beltane Fire

by Beth Hansen-Buth
Beltane, or May Day is a celebration of flowers coming into bloom, and is often considered a spring festival today. The celebrations usually begin on April 30th at sundown, and involve things like bonfires, selecting a May Queen & King, dancing the may pole, and other quaint old world customs. Today there is a renewal of celebrating this yearly fire festival around the world. In Scotland the Beltane Fire Society will be celebrating it’s 20th year of putting on this festival which attracts 12 thousand people to Calton Hill in Edenburg. Just as Halloween/Samhain marks the beginning of winter, Beltane marks the beginning of spring. Legends tell us that on May Eve the Fairy Queen rides forth to lure mortals to her realm.

In Germany, April 30th is known as Walpurgisnacht, and it was believed that witches flew on their brooms to the Brocken Mountain where they danced all night around bonfires. This night is named after St Walpurga, who came from England in the 8th century to become the abbess of a German monastery, who’s feast day is May 1st. In Sweden and Finland there are still huge bonfires on this night, and May Day picnics are the norm.

These ritual activities attune the community to the cycle of the year, and to each other as a part of the cycle of life. Donald Tyson has this to say about the importance of ritual:

Ritual is a mechanism for changing all four levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We all know that our feelings affect our physical health and condition. We know that our minds, both the part we see and the part we do not see, control our feelings. What many do not realize is that there is a fourth level of spirit that determines the state of our minds…The greatest benefit of ritual may be, not its limitless power of transformation, but the way it allows those who practice it to perceive value in things they already possess, whether these are the forests and lakes around them, or the people in their lives.

Participating in a Beltane ritual allows us to welcome Summer with an attitude of excitement, celebration, and community. At the same time, we have the opportunity to honor and revere the cycle of life and nature as sacred. For over 30 years In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre has held a May Day Parade and Festival at Powderhorn Park, here’s the details of this year’s event:

This year’s theme is Somos Agua / We Are Water
Sunday, May 6 the Parade begins at 1:00pm at Bloomington Ave and 26th Street in South Minneapolis, proceeding south to 34th Street. The Tree of Life Ceremony and an all-day festival follows in Powderhorn Park.

Time: 1:00- 4:00
Cost: free

Weather permitting, the Eye of Horus Secret Garden Labyrinth will be available for walking and meditation during daylight business hours. Come and visit the flowers and have a happy Beltane everyone!