New Moon in Aries – April 18th

New Moon in Aries – April 18th

On Saturday, April 18, 2015 the New Moon will be in Aries at 1:57pm CST. This new moon helps us strengthen our relationships through finding our own true strengths.

NewMoonAriesArticleAries nudges us to say, “I am.” Luckily, the gift of Aries is that we can become centered in ourselves, discovering what we need first, before we take care of others’ needs. The shadow side of Aries is selfishness, so focus on harnessing a more mature, positive version of this Aries’ fire to strengthen yourself and relationships rather than the negative. When you are clear on what makes you your best self, and know how to ask for your needs, you will have comfortable confidence, rather than arrogance.

So use the energy of this Aries New Moon to get to know yourself and what you need in relation to others – what makes you come alive – then set a boundary so you can negotiate from a position of strength.  Mars and Venus are also aspected. Check out the video:

Mars in Taurus trining Pluto gives us determination. We can make anything happen, so be sure to know where you want to go.

Venus in Gemini will test relationships. However, it is through separation and individuation that we can appreciate the union. We must honor our selves to come together and celebrate the joining of the two. With healthy souls and communities, we as individuals can create healthier togetherness. Take care of your friendships, mentor-ships, and loves, while reflecting inward. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need!

The rebellious energy of Aries can be used for good if you need change in your life. Just be sure to carefully choose your path so you don’t run anyone over. This is a dance. Take your space, do your thing, and leave room for others so they can boogie, too!

The energy of this new moon will be strongest for three days, so take advantage of the weekend to give yourself some self-inventory time, then move forward.

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New Moon in Pisces – Moon Magic for March 20th, 2015

New Moon in Pisces – Moon Magic for March 20th, 2015

Thraicie Hawkner and Heather Roan Robbins give us another episode of Moon Magic for this New Moon in the early hours of March 20th. The key thing to note for the night of the 19th, leading up to this new moon, it is time to pay attention to your dreams. You can work with lucid dreaming, or just opening up to whatever journey you have, but focus on good intent. We don’t want to let nightmares into our lives. For the entire week, it is a good time for you to tune into subtle energies.

This is a Supermoon, as well, which means the moon is closer to the earth and thus the impact is strengthened. If you have any aspects in your chart that are in the last degree of a mutible sign Pisces, Gemini, Aries or Virgo, you might notice this focus of the sun and moon energy as it moves through your chart. Find out more in the New Moon Video below, and then read the rest of the article for more information:

But wait, there’s more! Along with the New Moon, we get an eclipse, followed shortly by the Spring Equinox. The times, they are a changing. The sun and moon conjunct in very last degree of Pisces, and they not only conjunct, they are so close that they form an eclipse which will not be viewable here in Minnesota. The place to be is Northern Europe specifically, the Faroe Islands and in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago is where you can see the total eclipse. Or watch online The entire event will be broadcast online via the Slooh Community Observatory, with the webcast kicking off at 04.30 am ET (3:30am CT).

March 20th Eclipse locations

A map showing where the eclipse will be visible. (Image credit:

Within an hour, before sunrise, the moon leaves Pisces and goes into Aries, then later that night, the sun goes into Aries, as well. This is a pure energy boost for any new projects you might be thinking of starting. It’s all energy and movement, starting this weekend.

Spring Equinox 03/20/15 05:45:00 PM

Spring Equinox is the beginning of our annual astrology cycle. It is all about balance of dark and light, yin and yang, celebrate the spring and balance. Two or three days after the equinox is a good time to plant seeds, both literally and energetically. Heather talks in the video about the fertile, emotional, and restless time which follows.

Lavender Dreams Spray for Peaceful, Insightful Dreams and Lucid Dreaming

Both Lavender and Mugwort Herbs were mentioned in the video, and of course, they can be used as a dream pillow sachet. But we also have an easy to use essential oil spray that we formulated specifically for the kind of dreamwork Heather and Thraicie talk about in the New Moon video.

Lavender Dreams Spray

Our exclusive Lavender Dreams spray is a custom blend of lavender essential oil, sandalwood, and mugwort, specially formulated to not only help relaxation but to encourage restful sleep and peaceful dreams to guide you. You can even take it farther and go into intentional dreaming for insight and dream journal work. This light, fragrant spray can be used to sweeten the air of a room or as a linen spray which can be used at any time.

Lavender helps to encourage a peaceful and serene atmosphere, sandalwood encourages meditation and disperses negative energies, and mugwort helps to promote clear, lucid dreams. Use it whenever you need some peace and harmony in your space or your dreams.

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New Moon Essential Oil BlendDon’t forget the New Moon Oil

The new moon is all about beginnings, dreams, initiation and going deep into your intuition to find insight, wisdom and direction. Eye of Horus has created a deep blend of essential oils to invoke the Mysteries and to use as a blessing for new ventures. A perfect blend for initiation, meditation or any work of intention or magick which draws on these energies of the new moon. This oil can be use any time you need to bless a beginning of any kind or for psychic work, but is especially useful in the three days around a new moon. Handmade during the New Moon for best correspondence to the work, get your bottle of our exclusive New Moon Oil online or in our store.

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Full Moon in Virgo – Crow Moon Magic

Full Moon in Virgo – Crow Moon Magic

Full Crow Moon in Virgo

Full Crow Moon 14º 50’ Virgo

12:06 PM March 5, 2015

Also known as the worm moon, this is the transition between the seasons, as the frozen ground begins to thaw and the crows to caw. This full moon in Virgo takes us into deep self-examination, which is good because this is going to be an action packed spring, even as the emotional planets are coming together in Aries.

In our full moon video below, HPS Thraicie Hawkner talks about mirror magic work. Meet yourself eye-to-eye. Speak Truth with yourself. It is a perfect time for that kind of self-discovery work.

Astrologer Heather Roan Robbins details how Jupiter’s expansive nature, and the emotionally charged planets of Venus and Mars in Aries, really provide opportunity and a bit of testing.

Be careful not to make the Virgo mistake of only looking at the problem. Discover your strengths that you want to keep rather than just those things you want to cast off during spring cleaning, keeping all things in balance. Remember cleaning isn’t just getting rid of the dirt, it is also about polishing your most treasured possessions. So, when you look in the mirror to discover your true self, calling and attributes to work on, look for both the light and the dark.

Which Tarot card helps us explore and work with this energy? Check out the video to find out!

Don’t forget the Full Moon Oil

Full Moon Blessing and Conjure Oil

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Every full moon is all about manifestation, fulfillment and going deep into your intuition to find insight, wisdom and direction. Eye of Horus has created a deep blend of essential oils to invoke the Mysteries and to use as a blessing for power, protection, and luck. This vibrant and expansive oil can be use any time you need to bless a fulfillment or completion of any kind or for psychic work, but is especially useful in the three days around a full moon.

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