Beneath the Below is a River – Wendy Rule Dives Deep

Beneath the Below CD Cover

Beneath the Below CD:

Here’s how it begins . . . a movie soundtrack and two musicians reaching for deep and ethereal, an otherworldly fantasy about a Moth Boy; a film which lent itself to dark and dreamy audio visions. Beneath the Below is a River began life as a collaborative soundtrack to the short film ‘Hugo’, directed by Nicholas Verso. Wendy and collaborator Craig Patterson were so pleased with the outcome of the soundtrack that they expanded it into a full length album.

This is not the first time Wendy has created ambient music. Although all of her CDs have some of that soundtrack quality, she worked to create almost theatrically faerie atmosphere in Deep Within the Faerie Forest–a collaboration with Gary Stadler. But that does not make these CDs twins, like so many of the ambient titles out there. Where the Faerie Forest is light and uplifting, Beneath the Below resonates like a waking dream and draws you back down into the underworld to explore further.

In fact, any artist or writer would find this music makes a great background for the creative process. It would probably also be amazing to have in the background of a Tarot Reading.  Imagine a room with dark velvet drapery, red wine and frankincense and add Beneath the Below is a River, and you have a modern, sophisticated Goth Salon…  Listen to mp3 samples

Kari Tauring and Huldre Live at the Capri

The first time we sponsored a concert with Kari Tauring, we tried to explain to people just what it was like, and we came up short. This time, we have a CD so you can get a sampling. Admittedly, it’s not quite the same as the live performance. But if you attended the concert, it will take you back, and if you didn’t, you’ll get a fine introduction to her performance. Kari doesn’t just sing songs.  She introduces them with a combination of storytelling and crash course in Norse myth. Kari brings these ancient tales alive through her performance and the use of the Stav.

This album was recorded live at the Capri Theater, Sept 17, 2009 at the concert sponsored by ourselves, Eye of Horus Metaphysical and NAC (Northside Arts Collective). Part of the Great Streets concert series. Kari and Huldre (Drew Miller accompanies Kari on dulcimer, bass, and stav adding a touch of huldu to her shows). Opened the show and completely enchanted the room.

The show opened with the otherworldly sound of lokking, calling vocals of Scandinavian women and Huldra (cow-tailed fairy women) which would waft over the fjords with track 1. Lokkr / Klokkene Små [listen to mp3 sample]

Kari Tauring in String Skirt

Kari Tauring in String Skirt

Kari explains, “I am the Völva kona, the Stav carrying woman!” Using elements such as a Danish flint knife from 20,000 BC, a replica Scandinavian Bronze Age string skirt from 2000 BC, and rune letters from 20 BC to the Middle Ages, Tauring sings and tells the stories of our deep Scandinavian tap root. Medieval rune songs, passages from the sagas, Stav rhythm and dance weave through masterful storytelling that merges entertainment and education.

The music in this live performance takes the listener on a Scandinavian journey, beginning in the Bronze Age (circa 1300 BCE with stav (staff rhythm) and string skirts, then to the Viking Era (circa 750 ACE) with rune galdor (sung spells using the rune alphabet) and Old Norse Lyrics. We land in the Immigrant Era, having left our beloved homeland to come to America.

More than 800,000 Norwegians (nearly one-third of Norway’s population) emigrated between 1825 and 1925. Most settled in Minnesota and Wisconsin, including Ms. Tauring’s maternal family. Throughout her performance she draws on this heritage, the wisdom of her ancestors, and the history and mystery of ancient Scandinavian lore.

More samples from the concert are available on the page for the CD: Kari Tauring and Huldre Live at the Capri

Wendy Rule with Kari Tauring at the Capri

Australian Visionary . . .

Australian Visionary . . .

This was an amazing concert we sponsored in 2009 – check out the recording of Kari Tauring’s performance – Live at the Capri!

Northside Arts Collective (NAC) and Eye of Horus Metaphysical present Australian Wendy Rule with cellist Rachel Samuel and Kari Tauring with Huldre for a mystical night at the recently renovated Historic Capri Theater in North Minneapolis. This is the first of the twelve part “Great Streets Concert Series” held at the Capri, sponsored through a Great Streets grant from the City of Minneapolis’ Department of Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED).

Presented by Northside Arts Collective & Eye of Horus. Tickets are $15 and available at OvationTix or by calling 866-811-4111. Eye of Horus, 2717 Lyndale Ave S. is also selling premium seat tickets in the first three rows.  Call 612-872-1292 to check availability.

Australian visionary songstress Wendy Rule will bring her stirring and sensual dark cabaret to Minneapolis for one night only on Thursday September 17.   Renowned for years amongst the world’s alternative spiritual communities, Wendy is now deservedly gaining a much broader following. She is about to embark on her 12th international tour. This will be a rare opportunity to experience one of Australia’s most enigmatic and prolific artists.

“Dark, sensual, sonic theatre…compelling stuff” – Rolling Stone Australia

Fiercely independent, Wendy has managed to carve a unique path through the musical mainstream, and has emerged with seven major albums and a string of side projects to her name.  Her live performances demonstrate a passionate union of her incredible voice – moving from soaring heights to intimate whispers – and her beautifully dark and visionary lyrics, the album is strong, Earthy and Shamanic.  More than music, Rule weaves ritual and story into a net that continues to draw an ever-growing audience into her otherworldy realm.

“Every so often Melbourne throws up a singular talent, someone previously hidden amongst the well-established musical tribes, someone possessed of a unique vision. Wendy Rule, the vocalist, songwriter and visionary behind this remarkable album, is such an artist.” – Beat Magazine, Melbourne

KariHuldre-duo-2009-0815-thumbOpening the evening will be Kari Tauring and Huldre — tonight a duo with Drew Miller of Boiled In Lead. Kari sings and tells stories from our deep Scandinavian tap root. Waving her antler feather fan, she conjures ancient spirits that hover and dance around her classically trained voice. The bone beads of her Bronze Age string skirt punctuate rune songs danced to the pols (pulse) of staff and melodic dulcimer.

Author of “The Runes: A Human Journey” (2007), Tauring’s performances draw on 20 years of research and experience. Her EP “Völva Songs” (2008) includes songs in Votic, Old Norse, Norwegian and English — in performance, her music is both sweet as a lullaby and frightening as a Valkyrie; both intensely emotional and thoroughly researched. She wakes something from deep in our bones, something simultaneously ephemeral and elemental.

Kari teaches Volva staving at Eye of Horus on the second Saturday of every month. This performance is an opportunity to see the depth and power of the use of stav in performance.

“Her shows educate as well as inspire” – David de Young,

Tickets on sale Now $15

Reserved Seating for all tickets. The Eye of Horus has reserved the first three rows for sale exclusively through the store. The pink area of the seating chart represents our block of  74 of the 250 tickets.  These seats are only available in our store at 2717 Lyndale Ave S., or by calling the store at 612-872-1292.  We highly recommend calling to reserve your seats before coming in and paying. They are only a feew left.