Red vs. Blue Nag Champa

Some of you have noted that our intrepid incense taster decided to take the summer off.  There was an attempt to make him work in July, but the level of disinterest and disdain was clear. Summer is for lounging. So we decided to come back with the question that has plagued our store for years . . . which is the better Nag Champa? The Classic Hippie Blue Box or the Woman-supporting Red Box?

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Torn Between Two Sandalwoods

We gave Merlin a choice between two sandalwood incenses this time, and he dived right in like a pro. Sandalwood is one of his favorite scents, but who can tell the difference from one sandalwood incense to the next? [Read more…]

May 2008 – is a Rose a Rose?

When we picked Rose for the May choice, we had no idea how tough it would be. I mean, we know Merlin loves roses, because we can’t bring them home. Mmmm, they are tasty and worth any effort to get to, no matter where you put them. He doesn’t care about thorns, they are no issue. He’ll do anything to get to the nummy flower. No place is out of reach for a determined problem solver. So we envisioned he would home in on the boxes laid out before him, and it would be a lively session.

We set down one box of Keshava (Rose & Geranium) Incense and one box of Valley of Roses.

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