April 2008 – Dances with Patchouli

Yes, he’s back. March was no fluke, Merlin has some definite opinions on incense he needs to share for April, as well. But first we need to clarify something. Although Merlin is associated with Eye of Horus, he is an independent contractor and keeps his offices in a separate location. You will not find him physically in the store . . . ever. [Read more…]

Merlin’s Choice Incense for March 2008

The time has come to introduce everyone to our secret behind selecting the very best of incense. This is Merlin, and he is something of an incense sommolier. Or, rather, he tries to be. When Eye of Horus was a home-based business, we quickly discovered the importance of keeping incense in closed drawers, in bins, in anything a talented problem-solver cannot open. (Cupboard doors are easy, you just stand up and hook your paws over the top, then carefully walk backwards.)

It turns out that Merlin is an incense fanatic. It’s not just catnip he’s fond of, he is a well-rounded herbivore of a kitty. But we also soon discovered he had definite preferences. When certain scents are burned, he’ll roll around on the floor in ecstasy. We also found that if we were ever in a quandary as to which incense to choose, well, [Read more…]