Remote Readings & More

Remote Readings & More

Here in Minnesota, Governor Walz announced a statewide Stay-at-Home order – in place from March 27 – April 10th.

Our Lake Street Store is Closed
In-Store Events and services are cancelled at least through April 30th
Although the order is only through April 10th, we felt for the health and safety of our staff and community that Eye of Horus should remain closed and all on-site services events will be cancelled or moved online through April 30th at least, because it’s too difficult to maintain a 6 ft distance in our reading rooms and classroom.

Eye of Horus is Going Virtual!

Remote Readings – available NOW

Our readers are available for remote readings, via phone, email, video, etc. Each reader is working from home and set up for different connection methods. Click Here for a complete list of readers and services available!

Online Shopping – with delayed shipping

Yes, we are keeping our online store open. However, we will not be able to ship most items until after April 10th. We are offering FREE shipping for all orders over $10.

Online Classes – available SOON

We are currently working with our teachers to setup and schedule online classes. Of course, we will update you as soon as these classes become available.

Online Community – available NOW

Join the Eye of Horus Inner Sanctum on facebook – a place where we share updates and resources. You can also find us at:

More info about Stay at Home Order

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Eye of Horus is Hiring!

Are You Ready for Adventure?
Eye of Horus is looking for a Sales Associate to work 18-28 hours a week, for evening and weekend hours. We are seeking an individual who is:

Compass, pen, and letter atop map
  • Experienced in Retail, Sales or face to face Customer Service in a fast-paced environment
  • Service Oriented
  • Familiar with Myth, Magick, and Mindfulness practices and materials, meanings, correspondences, etc.
  • Ready to Learn to guide people on their own personal quest, helping them find the tools and training for their next steps.

To Apply, please send 1) a cover letter, 2) a resume and 3) references to Jane Hawkner at [email protected]. Put “Eye of Horus SA” in the subject line. You must be available to reliably work weekends and at least two weekday evenings. Base starting pay is $15/hr.

We will be accepting applications and resumes through March 21st so don’t delay.

Spring Equinox & New Moon in Aries

Spring Equinox & New Moon in Aries

The moon is new in Aries (4:28 am, CT) on March 24. Aries, being the first sign in the zodiac, is concerned with beginnings. On March 19 the spring equinox occurs (10:49 pm, CT) with equal light and dark hours. This point marks the end of the long, dark winter as a spring of lighter days is leapt into! On March 21, Saturn enters Aquarius. The new moon coinciding with the equinox and Saturn changing signs emphasizes the theme of beginning anew in unknown territory.

The demolition phase of Saturn and Pluto’s conjunction is ending, asking again what structures will remain newly renovated, and what will collapse into the ground? Six planets currently transit the element of earth. The physical and the tangible, such as the body, health, money and work, take precedence.

New dynamics come into play involving rules, regulations and requirements. Are the societal structures in place supporting the people? How can society abide by rules that are more people friendly? A motivating, yet uncomfortable push for rules encompassing equality and fairness for the diversity within the group depicts the new journey.

To focus your energy on the power of the new moon and the beginnings it brings, use some of Eye of Horus’ New Moon oil in your practice. This oil blend is specifically designed to tap into the new moon’s magical energies. To connect with the earth element so prevalent in the chart, light one of Coventry Creations’ Stability candles. This candle encourages solidity, confidence, and has a strong focus on health and life harmony. To encourage diverse and harmonious group dynamics, carry a piece of angelite. This calming blue stone brings understanding, peace, and harmony.

If you’d like to see how this new moon and Spring equinox might affect you or if want to explore these topics more, come in for a reading with Madeline Youngstrom.