New Moon in Taurus – Running in Place

New Moon in Taurus – Running in Place

Wednesday April 22 (9:27pm, CT) the new moon is in Taurus conjunct Uranus.  

Image of dark new moon with taurus glyph overlayed
New Moon in Taurus

The sign of Taurus is in the element of earth, craving security, dependability and is  fixed in quality to maintain steadiness.  But the new moon’s conjunction with Uranus, the mover and shaker, indicates a holding pattern of tumult.  A dynamic between order and chaos continues, yet a potential for breakthroughs exists within confinement.  How can necessary structures be held in place while fielding unpredictability?  As the sun enters Taurus, new patterns are solidified.  A continuation of cautious boundaries is suggested by the planetary aspects.

In springtime, the newly thawed earth is readied for planting season as Taurus is connected to fertility and wealth.  “Seeds” planted during this new moon integrate technology and out-of the-box methods within strict parameters.  How can this be used as a motivating force?

Venus in chatty Gemini is inspired by Mars (the go-getter) to make a virtual connection.  Venus in Gemini shares ideas & love through communication.  An aspect between Neptune and Venus hits a note of sadness and longing.  A romanticized ideal of the past clouds clarity.  All is not what it seems when needing an escape route.  Yet this can also inspire the imagination and fuel creativity.  

Notice any strong winds in the weather?  Recently the planets have moved into more air signs (Venus, Saturn & Mars) and the weather patterns mirror this!  

Coming up in May is Venus’s retrograde in Gemini (amongst other astrological events of note).  Venus retrogrades are known for breaking rules and shaking up patterns in love; re-identifying what is of value in relationships and money.  More to come later . . . take care.

Remote Readings & More

Remote Readings & More

Here in Minnesota, Governor Walz announced a statewide Stay-at-Home order – in place from March 27 – April 10th May 4th (extended).

Our Lake Street Store is Closed
In-Store Events and services are cancelled at least through April 30th
Although the order is only through April 10th, we felt for the health and safety of our staff and community that Eye of Horus should remain closed and all on-site services events will be cancelled or moved online through April 30th at least, because it’s too difficult to maintain a 6 ft distance in our reading rooms and classroom.

Eye of Horus is Going Virtual!

Remote Readings – available NOW

Our readers are available for remote readings, via phone, email, video, etc. Each reader is working from home and set up for different connection methods. Click Here for a complete list of readers and services available!

Online Shopping – with delayed shipping

Yes, we are keeping our online store open. However, we will not be able to ship most items until after April 10th. We are offering FREE shipping for all orders over $10.

Online Classes – available SOON

We are currently working with our teachers to setup and schedule online classes. Of course, we will update you as soon as these classes become available.

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Eye of Horus is Hiring!

Are You Ready for Adventure?
Eye of Horus is looking for a Sales Associate to work 18-28 hours a week, for evening and weekend hours. We are seeking an individual who is:

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  • Experienced in Retail, Sales or face to face Customer Service in a fast-paced environment
  • Service Oriented
  • Familiar with Myth, Magick, and Mindfulness practices and materials, meanings, correspondences, etc.
  • Ready to Learn to guide people on their own personal quest, helping them find the tools and training for their next steps.

To Apply, please send 1) a cover letter, 2) a resume and 3) references to Jane Hawkner at [email protected]. Put “Eye of Horus SA” in the subject line. You must be available to reliably work weekends and at least two weekday evenings. Base starting pay is $15/hr.

We will be accepting applications and resumes through March 21st so don’t delay.