Concert Update! Volva Preview CD Release Official

Get a preview of the May 28th Cedar show with Wendy Rule, Kari Tauring and Felonious Bosch by checking out this podcast just released today (May 22nd):Kari Tauring as The Volva

It’s an interview of Kari, where she performs two of the songs from her new 6-song Preview EP which is being released at the show on May 28th! We weren’t sure if they were going to be able to pull off the preview release in time for the show, but it is official.

The podcast is a nice introduction to Kari’s project, plus an overview of how the show will run . . . there’s also a bit of Felonious Bosch in the beginning, and a Wendy Rule song at the end.

There are still tickets available. $18 in advance, or $22 at the door. Call the Cedar Ticketline at 612-338-2674 ext 2 for tickets.

Also, as a reminder, the Eye will be closing early May 28th at 5 p.m., so we can all go to the show (it starts at 7:30, doors open at 7:00, seating is general admission)

Mythic Music Concert May 28th

Wendy RuleHave you heard the tale of how this concert came together? Do you know what all the buzz is about? If you are looking for a musical journey through the Middle Ages, the Norse Sagas, or to the world of myth and back again, this is the show for you. Not only is Wendy Rule coming to Minnesota for the first time, but Kari Tauring is releasing a 6-song Preview EP of her upcoming Volva album at the concert, and Felonious Bosch is opening. It all came about because we were told that, if we could find a venue, Wendy would come.

For those of you who have never heard Wendy Rule’s spectacular voice, here are some clips of some of my favorites from her website: Artemis, Diety (an anthem of the triple goddess), and the Raven Song . . . and the Raven Song sample cuts out just when it gets good. Or, if you want to hear a full song, check out La Femme de la Mer It is a perfect example of how she likes to play with dynamics which lure you in and take you on a journey.

Rolling Stone Australia said, Wendy Rule creates dark, sensual sonic theatre… compelling stuff.”

So you would expect someone of that caliber to be playing the State or the Orpheum, or at least 1st Ave. So what’s the deal? Why is a metaphysical store sponsoring her appearance at the Cedar? [Read more…]

Bardic Circle Starts Saturday, at the Eye

Bardic CircleApril is national poetry month, and Eye of Horus is celebrating by launching a bardic circle, hosted by Frothin’ Bard.

You are invited to come join the circle of Bards! It’s an open mic without the mic. Musicians, Poets, Storytellers, all are welcome to come and be part of the circle.

When: 2nd & 4th Saturday each month
Where: In the upstairs Gallery at Eye of Horus, 2717 Lyndale Ave S.
Event Time Details: 5pm to 7pm
Cost: Free – though donations to cover costs welcome.

Event Details: Join the gathering of the clan to share stories, chants, music and even humor. What clan?

Well, you could be Jungian, Norse, Pagan, Celtic, Wiccan, Gothic, Hindu, Buddhist, Folkie or what have you. At the Eye, all paths are welcome in an open circle. Although traditionally done around a bonfire, we keep the flames to a minimum in the gallery. Anyone can show up, sign up and give it your best.

Listeners are most welcome, you don’t have to perform. Just let us know if you do want some time. There is some structure, we try to make sure everyone gets their turn. This is not a jam, unless the performer on the live seat says it’s okay to join in. The Bardic Circle meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.