Labyrinth Open for Walking

Labyrinth Open for Walking

The Labyrinth at Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus Labyrinth

The Eye of Horus Labyrinth is available year-round and is open for walking on weekdays from 11am to 5:30pm. A labyrinth is not a maze, there are no forks to chose from, and no dead ends. It is a pattern which is walked, with the end being the center. People walk labyrinths as a meditation, to contemplate a question, as part of a ritual, or as a walking prayer. Labyrinths are multicultural and ancient.

Our labyrinth is painted on the floor of the Inner Sanctum in the back of the store. The Inner Sanctum doubles as our classroom and ritual room, so whenever there isn’t an event, you can walk the labyrinth, though most evenings there is something going on.

Labyrinth open hours can change since the room may be reserved for private use… so please do call before making a trip!  612-872-1292. Anyone can walk the labyrinth, just check in with staff before going back. There is no charge, though donations are cheerfully accepted. Click for Map to Eye of Horus

Rental is available for private events, rituals and meetups, etc. Rates vary depending on whether the event is a public or private event. Contact the Eye for more information.

Building a Labyrinth Temple

Can you believe it’s already been 9 months since our move?

At the time, we had hoped to have a labyrinth on the floor before we opened. But we couldn’t quite get it all done in the 45 days we had to paint, redo most of the flooring,  get the lighting installed (we worked under temporary lighting most of the time), build our cabinets and shelves, and oh yeah. Pack and move everything.  It was an ambitious timeline.  Rather too ambitious, I see in hindsight.  I thought then, okay, we’ll move, and then we’ll do the labyrinth before Winter Solstice.  The goals were fuzzy (never a good idea), and so here we are.  Our backroom makes a nice classroom/meeting room, and we’ve had meditations, rituals, and shamanic journeys, but it’s not quite what we envisioned.

The Vision

We want a space which is sacred space, where you walk in and find your full breath, your shoulders relax, and you just feel like you can close your eyes and be centered, grounded, connected to Spirit.  Then you could walk the labyrinth. The walls would have symbols of the elemental directions, there would be curtains on the windows, tapestries or flags hanging, it would be cleared of the bookshelves (this was not supposed to be a “back room” for the store) and have more room for the labyrinth to be (probably painted) on the floor.

I kept thinking I could do it alone.  I don’t know why. Our first labyrinth wasn’t a solo mission, neither was our build-out. So I again ask for those of you who are the builders, the makers, the doers. We need to put up shelving in our back hall, so we can unload the bookshelves. They need to be moved, then we need to clean and do some detailed painting. We’ll obtain and hang curtains on the windows for privacy and to block the glare of the sun. We’ll surround the space with enough plants to make it faerie friendly. None of this seems all that difficult to me, and I’m tempted to say I can still do it mostly by myself, or with Thraicie. But it hasn’t happened.

Then I remember the magic that manifested when we did the build-out. When you were there with me, weaving the web of possibilities. Once the temple is built, it will be free (donations accepted for maintenance and improvements) for anyone to walk during the hours there isn’t a class or event. Like the labyrinth garden at the old store, I hope it can be a gift to the community, and to ourselves.

Will you help me build a labyrinth temple?

Fill out this form and let me know when you are generally available, and if you have any special skills, especially with detailed painting.


Giant Crocus Blooming

Slowly, but surely, the brown is turning up splashes of color in our labyrinth garden. We have plenty more of the tiny crocus blooming back between the labyrinth and goddess garden. But the real flash is in the upper garden, tucked in next to the Holly Bush. These are the lovely purple Giant Crocus with their bright saffron stamens. Simply stunning. I’ve also included a shot of our little Buddha, as well as the Goddess herself, adorned with flower buds in celebration of the spring equinox.