Sproing! They’re Here . . .

It looks like spring is ready to go already this year, so I guess we’re blessed with the luck of the Irish.  Maybe it was the Yeats quote I posted on our social networks today:

“Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame!” ~William Butler Yeats


First Blooms 2010

Yes, we have our first Crocus Blooms coming up in the area between the labyrinth and our Goddess Garden. Just two so far, but the rest are getting ready to go, as well.  They are kind of flame like, to go with the poem, too.

To give you an idea of how early this is, I just want to point out that our first Crocus Bloom in 2008 was on April 9th.

Going back through the Labyrinth Journal, I see I didn’t quite keep up with the bloomin’ pictures last year.  Expect to see quite a bit more this year.  It also looks like there will be quite a few more spring blooms, too.  This is our third year for some of the Tulips and Crocus, which means we’ll have more than ever to break up the monotony of slushy muddy spring.

Though, I must admit, it doesn’t ever quite feel like spring has arrived until the Lilacs are blooming.  I think of the Crocus here as our heralds, letting us know spring is indeed on its way.  Blessed be on this All Snakes Day!  I also think the Fairies like us. We’ll have to be sure to put out some cream and honey tonight in thanks.

The Labyrinth is Open

This is the earliest we’ve had a clear labyrinth for walking, if you don’t mind the rather moist air this weekend.

Labyrinth March 2010

(Picture of Labyrinth clear for walking)

The garden isn’t very green yet, but I do see some tulip and daffodil shoots poking up through the dirt. I also see what look like the beginning of some weeds. Still, green is green, and even some weeds are nice to see . . . at least for a moment!  Once the rest of the snow clears, we’ll be sending out a call via our facebook, twitter & myspace status updates for volunteers to help with spring cleaning.

We can’t guarantee the labyrinth is open for the season. We could still get another snowstorm.  But it will be open for at least the next seven days or so, if the weather forecast holds true.

I’m starting to believe spring is on its way, even though the scent isn’t in the air yet. But the labyrinth is open, at least for now, so come on down and contemplate the coming of spring!

UFO sighted at the Eye

Jane was walking up to the store this morning and spotted an Unidentified Flower Object (UFO). The two inch flower had poked it’s face through the leaves of one of our Lilac bushes.

Unidentified Flower Object

Unidentified Flower Object

But this little lady looked nothing like a lilac. First off, it was a pale yellow, and secondly, it was a single flower. The center puff of this bloom somewhat resembles a dandylion, and it is surrounded by daisy-like petals, which in turn rest on a fan of green spikes.

The leaves on the stem are long and pencil-thin, but hidden by the lilac leaves in this picture. We’re hoping someone out there might be able to identify just who this volunteer is.

It’s apparently an early bloomer, because by noon, it had closed up. Please comment if you have any idea just who this is.