Winter Solstice on KFAI

Hey . . . just ran across this on the Minnesota Heathens board:

Happy Yule everyone!

I would just like the Minnesota community to know that KFAI 90.3 FM radio is
hosting a one-hour program about the Winter Solstice
this Sunday, December 19th from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.

The show will be produced by Karen Ellery of the Minnesota Revels
new and traditional folk music (Wassailing Songs, Pre-Christian Feasting
Songs, and some contemporary Yule Songs),
stories and Yule mythology by Steven Posch,
singing by Becca Allen,
Poetry by Susan Day Cooper and more!

Tell your friends and set your tape recorders- you won’t want to miss it!


Cool, Huh?

Today’s Shamanic Musing

Well, just to follow-up. The Gallery is being converted back into a gallery from a cave even as we speak. I did run across a little private shamanism page here which I want to take a closer look at. I particularly like the bit about Polaris and the middle pillar. Food for thought. Qabalistic, Norse, Shamanic, hmm . . .

A Weekend with a Shaman

These notes are just a brief summary of my own impressions. Several other people were in the class with me, and I can’t speak for their experiences.

Day 1: Intro
It was dark by the time we met. We all sat on a circle on the floor, the lights were turned off, and the space was lit by only candlelight. We pulled out our drums, and Daniel had extra rattles, and we drummed. The natural light, and drums created the “cave” needed for this training. Daniel Lupinski spoke of his background in completing his studies with Michael Harner, author of Way of the Shaman through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and then his journey of living with the Navajo for five years and experience in practical Shamanic Healing. His method was [Read more…]