Ogham of the Week: Hawthorne, Hazel and Heather

Ogham of the Week: Hawthorne, Hazel and Heather

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Ogham of the Week: Huath (Hawthorne), Coll (Hazel), and Ur (Heather)

This week the Ogham advise caution in our romantic relationships. New lovers should tread lightly this week as we start out in a sensitive Pisces moon, reinforced by Huath’s warning of obstacles ahead. Be extra careful when engaging in disagreements with your sweetie; understand that conflict is not always negative in the long run.

This wintry season is ripe for the blossoming of new, passionate love to warm us at night. Echoing Huath, Ur shouts amongst the others that we must give in to our romantic desires. Be cautious that we don’t have delusions about what this new love will look like or how it will manifest. Accept this opportunity for what it is and not what we want it to be.

Between fiery Huath and Passionate Ur is analytical Coll. Attempting to tie us down to reality, Coll sagely informs us that communication is key this week. There will be opportunities to gain new insight, especially early on in the week. Take advantage of these situations to grow your interpersonal relationships. Now is a good time to plan and organize with friends and family, Coll reminds us.

Honey calcite is especially good to assist in long-term goal setting. Carry some in your pocket to sweeten the energy around you. Purify your bedroom by burning desert sage. Love and sensuality are coming. Be open to the wisdom and insight the Ogham have to teach us this week.

Peace and Bright Blessings!

About Josiah Mosqueda

Josiah Mosqueda is an Initiated Druid of the Mists of Stone Forest Grove and devotee of Santa Muerte. As a queer Mexican American of Irish descent, he works closely with ancestral spirits to fight for the liberation of all oppressed beings. Aside from the Eye of Horus, Josiah also works for the Minneapolis Public School district.

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