Ogham of the Week: Aspen, Birch, and Ash

Ogham of the Week: Aspen, Birch, and Ash

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Choices, Choices: The Way Forward

Eadha (Aspen) 

We are given many choices this week and our decisions will lead either to growth or stagnation. At first it may seem that rocks and twisting vines are hiding the path forward. Listen well, and the road may become clearer.

Though the trembling poplar can seem courageous, reversed Eadha becomes immobile by fear. This ogham warns us that we cannot be paralyzed by our agitations. Step away from what is scary. Breathe. Take a second look at the situation and find new ways to look at it. Burning some sweetgrass will soothe and “sweeten” the mind, assisting in how to approach quagmires.

Beith (Birch)

As the ogham of birth and beginnings, Beith reversed becomes stagnant and stuck. A sliver of renewal resides just under the surface, however.  Make friends with patience and time until you find a hidden reserve of energy. Honey Calcite is a great stone to keep on the self for prolonged work, especially for relieving stresses that hinder the breaking of idleness.

Nuin (Ash)

Nuin burns bright and strong. Similar to the phoenix, this ogham symbolizes transformation, change, and growth. Nuin reminds us to let go of the past and release our hold on things that are dying. This week, let’s work towards breaking out of stagnant aspects of our lives to prepare for new growth and change.

Peace and Bright Blessings!

About Josiah Mosqueda

Josiah Mosqueda is an Initiated Druid of the Mists of Stone Forest Grove and devotee of Santa Muerte. As a queer Mexican American of Irish descent, he works closely with ancestral spirits to fight for the liberation of all oppressed beings. Aside from the Eye of Horus, Josiah also works for the Minneapolis Public School district.

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