Ogham of the Week: Blackthorn, Yew, and Hazel

Ogham of the Week: Blackthorn, Yew, and Hazel

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Ogham of  the Week: Straif (Blackthorn), Idho (Yew), and Coll (Hazel)

Ogham with Tourmaline and Snowflake Obsidian

Tensions are high and our emotional defenses are up this week. Prickly Straif (Blackthorn) warns of a threat to our status quo, that this week is a time of transition. Be cautious in your interpersonal relationships this week. Take an extra minute to process your interactions with loved ones, especially as our passions might get the best of us this week. Black Tourmaline in your pocket is good for protection from negative energies as well as giving us some good grounding.

Eerie Idho (Yew) echoes Straif this week. To the Druids, the yew tree symbolized death, rebirth, and the cycles of transition. Appropriate for this time of year, Idho advises us to reflect and let go of aspects in our lives that need to die so that rebirth can happen. Interacting with Straif, these two Ogham speak of a week of letting go and giving way to new things. Snowflake Obsidian is a good stone to comfort us during times of transition, especially when the road ahead seems unclear.

Lastly, we reach Coll (Hazel), erudite and stubborn. Reversed, Coll’s intelligence gets the best of him, causing blockages to finding alternate solutions to problems. Coll’s lesson this week is to be open to looking at all the facts, not just ones we agree with. Challenge your opinions this week, strive to find innovative solutions to problems that block your way. Remember that though this week may be rocky, what we learn will pave the way to new creations.

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About Josiah Mosqueda

Josiah Mosqueda is an Initiated Druid of the Mists of Stone Forest Grove and devotee of Santa Muerte. As a queer Mexican American of Irish descent, he works closely with ancestral spirits to fight for the liberation of all oppressed beings. Aside from the Eye of Horus, Josiah also works for the Minneapolis Public School district.

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