Ogham of the Week: Broom, Elder, and Oak

Ogham of the Week: Broom, Elder, and Oak

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Turn Weakness into Strength

nGetal (Broom)

Normally meaning good health and vitality, nGetal reversed coughs violently at us. Be careful of physical and emotional ailments this week. Broom is the traditional wood used to create besoms or broomsticks used to clean physical and energetic space. Take time to clean your living space, work out, or meditate to cleanse your energy. Burn a small healing candle to assist in the process of overcoming what ails.

Ruis (Elder)

For a third week in a row we find Ruis’ energy around us.  Listen to Ruis as three is a sacred number in Druidry. This ogham’s warning is that of energy blocked, grudges held, and festering retribution. Release that energy, let the barriers crumble to allow flow. Using quartz points will assist in tearing down energetic barriers.

Duir (Oak)

Oak is one of the most sacred trees to the Druids. When right side up, Duir represents strength, and progress. However, Duir reversed speaks to us of weakness and confusion. Relationships and concepts once thought of as strong are threatened with fragility this week. Be aware of this as you interact with others this week. Projects or relationships that have been progressing will be plagued with stagnation. Carrying around some ametrine will help to bring healing focus and stave away confusion. By being cautious, we can flip this confusion and stasis a reversed Duir gives us into clarity.

Peace and Bright Blessings!

About Josiah Mosqueda

Josiah Mosqueda is an Initiated Druid of the Mists of Stone Forest Grove and devotee of Santa Muerte. As a queer Mexican American of Irish descent, he works closely with ancestral spirits to fight for the liberation of all oppressed beings. Aside from the Eye of Horus, Josiah also works for the Minneapolis Public School district.

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