Ogham of the Week: Elder, Hawthorn, and Yew

Ogham of the Week: Elder, Hawthorn, and Yew

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Painful Barriers and Regrets

Ruis (Elder)

This ogham speaks of guilt. There are things that are blocking us from speaking to our hearts. Elder is also an ogham of things left unsettled. Take time to meditate and reflect on things left unresolved in your life. These might be what is blocking you from accessing the fire of your heart. Working with the stone chrysocolla in your meditations assists in accessing calmness and tapping onto your emotions. Once the heart is open, then our true work can begin.

Huath (Hawthorn)

A reversed Huath wraps itself greedily around the fruits of our labor, much like our new president. Traditionally, hawthorn was said to mark the barrier between this world and the Otherworld. When turned upside down, Huath becomes angry and breaks down our lines of communication. Emotions will run high this week as a result and our sense of equilibrium will be thrown off. If you are a candle lover, grab an emotional balance votive; let the scents of sandalwood and rose realign your heart with your mind.

Idho (Yew)

When reversed, Idho is the Ogham of death and anguish. Though sometimes meaning a physical death, yew represents energetic transition and emotional grief. Idho’s ultimate message is one of using grief and entropy to transform the self. This ogham warns us of a heavy week ahead and to brace ourselves for upcoming turbulence. Burning some frankincense will ease feelings of helplessness. Put some black tourmaline in your pocket to protect you from negative energies. Take some time this week to observe the effect events have emotionally and spiritually. Learn from it.

Peace and Bright Blessings

About Josiah Mosqueda

Josiah Mosqueda is an Initiated Druid of the Mists of Stone Forest Grove and devotee of Santa Muerte. As a queer Mexican American of Irish descent, he works closely with ancestral spirits to fight for the liberation of all oppressed beings. Aside from the Eye of Horus, Josiah also works for the Minneapolis Public School district.

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