Chanakara Tea for Your Chakras

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At Eye of Horus we have been serving tea to reading clients, meetup groups, and at events since we opened.  So it should be no surprise that we’ve decided to add teas to our offerings.  Specifically, we now carry Chanakara® teas from Stash Tea® Company.  These are herbal blends, and one green tea blend, designed specifically to work with the chakras. Here is the short definition from Wikipedia:

Chakra (derived from the Sanskrit cakraṃ चक्रं, pronounced [ˈtʃəkrə]; Pali: chakka, Chinese: 轮, Tibetan: khorlo) is a Sanskrit word that translates as “wheel” or “turning“. [1]

In Hindu philosophy, Yoga, Qi Gong, and in numerous teachings about healing and consciousness, chakras provide on way to understand and honor the interconnection of our bodies, thoughts, emotions, ideas and actions. Meditation practice helps to align the chakras, and Reiki works with balancing and opening the chakras. Of course, we have books like Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith so you can learn more about working with the chakras.

Chanakara Teas for your Chakras

Chanakara Teas for your Chakras

There are seven  teas for the seven major chakras. Each chakra is associated with a particular color, element, area of the body, and inner state. Each Chanakara blend is designed to balance, tune and energize one of these seven chakras, to help reclaim the energies of life.

Chakra #1 – Muladhara (root) – Red Berry Rooibos: A tea for health and prosperity. Dark red and fruity, this blend contains antioxidant rich South African rooibos and soothing uva ursi, a fortifying herbal.

Chakra #2 – Svadhisthana (sweetness) – Dragonfruit: A tea for passion and creativity. Juicy Dragonfruit, combined with the cool aftertaste of ginger and mint. Created with the mysterious damiana herb.

Chakra #3 – Manipura (jeweled city) – Vanilla Honeybush:  A tea for gathering strength and power. African honeybush is sweetened with vanilla and orange peel with a scent of honey.

Chakra #4 – Anahata (unstruck drum) – Melon & Green:   A tea for love and harmony. Sweet dew melon blended with fine green tea and South American yerba mate makes a refreshing and stimulating brew that will awaken your heart.

Chakra #5 – Visuddha (pure) –  Blue Ginger:   A tea for expression and resonance. Blue malva flowers, warm ginger and tropical feijoa combine to make a distinctive herbal tea – a special opportunity to give, to share, to stay and talk.

Chakra #6 – Ajna (command) – Guanabana: A tea for imagination and insight. Relax and nourish your intuition with this soothing medley of vanilla-scented guanabana fruit, eyebright, lemongrass, and orange. What you know is more than what you think.

Chakra #7 – Sahasrara (thousand-spoked) – White Lotus:   A tea for meditation and wisdom. The scent of fresh flowers lingers over this pale golden infusion of white lotus, chamomile, chrysanthemum and linden.
Chanakara Assorted Box     An assorted collection of each of the seven Chanakara flavors. The 18 count sampler contains 2 – 3 envelopes of each flavor.

Whether your path includes yoga, meditation, energy work or any form of personal growth, we invite you to open your mind, body and spirit to the pleasures and benefits of these flavorful all natural herbal blends, from the creators of Stash Tea.  Shop for tea online »

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