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Dryad Design Online ShoppeMany stores carry different lines, but since we are a store which not only specializes in earth-based spirituality and conscious living.  We found not only the statues and symbolic jewelry of Dryad Design a unique fit, but the core work of artist Paul Borda is truly inspired. He calls it his “soul work.”  We get it, and are thrilled to be able to share these pieces with you, both in the store and in our online Dryad Design Shoppe.

All of  the Dryad Design pieces are original, copyrighted works by Paul Borda, filled with layers of meaning derived from years of research. The statues and jewelry include God and Goddess imagery from Celtic, Norse, Russian and Sumerian Mythology. The statues are resin reproductions, but because many of the originals are wood you can see the chisel marks and the grain of the wood in many of the castings. Paul is primarily a wood carver, but some of the statues were actually carved in stone.

Our hope is to support and inspire earth based spirituality.
~Paul and Suzanne of Dryad Design

Hammer of Thor - Mjolnir

Hammer of Thor - Mjolnir

We also love the new pieces which have just come out this fall.  The real showcase piece is Mjölnir, the Hammer of Thor.

Thor’s Hammer

When Mjölnir strikes, you hear the sound of thunder. It is said to be capable of leveling mountains and slaying any foe, yet it can heal as well as harm. By waving the hammer over the slain, Thor could raise the dead.[button link=”http://shop.eyeofhorus.biz/Hammer-of-Thor-Plaque-p/17200.htm” color=”silver”] View Larger Image or Buy Online[/button]


Incredibly detailed, this hammer is adorned with Oseberg style Viking carving, also depicts Thor’s mythical battle with Jörmungandr, the world serpent. The runes around the edge list the Nine Noble Virtues of modern Asatru: Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self Reliance, Industriousness and Perseverance.

To hang this hammer on your wall is to invoke the protective and healing power of Thor.

The imagery for all of Paul’s work begins with ritual and meditation and is followed by extensive research. Paul feels the image is a gift from the Gods and has an etheric life of its own.  The average statue takes 300-500 hours of carving time to complete and that is not counting the design and research! Let’s take a look at the new Frigga statue as an example.

Frigga, Odin’s wife… the Norse All Mother.

Frigga Statue - Front Image

Frigga is depicted holding her son, Baldur - The Champion of Love, Goodness, Innocence and Forgiveness, who was loved by all and known for his beauty.

Frigga Statue - View of the Back

The back of the Frigga Statue depicts the entrance to the realm of Fensalir, which is spelled in runes above the door, where she resides as Mistress of Home & Family.

Frigga is a member of the Aesir House of the Gods in the Norse Pantheon – which roughly translates to “from the east.” She maintains serenity in the midst of the myriad of tasks inherent to Motherhood and Marriage.

Not only does the carving use traditional norse motifs, but runes spelling different attributes are woven in the patterns on the side of the base. Even the clothing and jewelry is based on traditional Scandinavian dress.

Other new pieces include a new, larger Seated Thor Statue and a mini Wheel of the Year plaque.

We are devoted to the Pagan religion and see our work as revitalizing the presence of the Goddess in our society. For those who are not Pagan, our pieces often connect them with their spirituality, heritage or ancestors. Each of our pieces are consecrated in circle and dedicated to the service of the divine. Several designs have a portion of their price donated to charitable organization, as our way of trying to give back. We are thankful to the community of Pagans across the country that has supported our efforts.
~Paul and Suzanne of Dryad Design

So the next time you stop in at the Eye, take the time to marvel at both the detail and the meaning carefully crafted in each of Paul Borda’s soul works.

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