Celebrate Earth Day Year-Round

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Deep Within a Faerie ForestWhy wait until April to celebrate Earth Day? Earth is our mother year-round, as she tries to tell us with the cycles of growth, harvest, dormancy and then spring again. We invite you to bring that spirit into practice throughout your life.

Walk Deep Within a Faerie Forest with Wendy Rule in collaboration with Californian ambient artist Gary Stadler. This album is a sweet addition to Wendy’s solo work. Light and uplifting, Wendy’s vocals take on a Celtic lilt that combines beautifully with Gary’s piano.

Those who are familiar with Gary’s previous albums will recognize the soulful beauty of his piano based soundscapes. Add to that the magical voice and gentle guitar of Australian singer/songwriter Wendy Rule and the lovely harp of Lisa Lynne, and the result is breathtaking as images of the ancient Celtic Faerie realm come alive once more.

Grandfather TreeDiscover the power of united action in this beautifully illustrated tale of one woman’s quest to protect an ancient tree from developers. Based on a true story from right here in Minnesota! Aunt Gussie and Grandfather Tree is a fabulous heart-lesson for all ages.

The story symbolizes the challenges faced by many communities across the nation. How do we protect the natural work in the wake of development? It provides a new paradigm: not all trees in harm’s way need to be destroyed.

The story was created from the real-life experiences of the author, Kay Brown Gustafson. As Chair of the Grandfather Tree Project in Eagan, Minnesota, she led the efforts to save a 45-foot-high, 250-ton tree. Aunt Gussie and Grandfather Tree has been chosen as a resource for Project Learning Tree. Project Learning Tree (PLT) is a national environmental program for educators and students in Pre-K-grade 12.

Celtic Tree Mysteries

Celtic Tree Mysteries

Trees are living, developing aspects of the Green World. So, too, is the magic associated with them. This book revives the ancient knowledge and lore of the trees with a practical system of magical ritual and divination. Create your own set of Ogham sticks, locate and identify each of the 20 trees, perform Otherworld journeys, and open the deeper, hidden meanings contained within the beautiful, ancient Celtic legends.

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