Evidence of Angels Author Suza Scalora

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Suza Scalora, author & artist

Suza Scalora, author & artist

Author and artist Suza Scalora will be in the 2nd floor gallery at Eye of Horus, 2717 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, on Wednesay, 11/11, from 7-8pm.  She will talk a bit about her book and angelic inspiration and sign copies. Her previous books explore other inhabitants of the unseen realm.  First was The Fairies (now out of print) and then the Witches and Wizards of Oberin.  Call 612-872-1292 to reserve your copy of Evidence of Angels.  We have a limited supply on-hand for the event. For more information about Suza Scalora and her work, visit her website at Myth.com.

Evidence of Angels is a unique visual celebration of the unseen realm. Published as a children’s book, this book works for anyone of any age who could use a bit of inspiration. The images are richly saturated photo-collages which really bring out the celestial and energetic feeling of angelic beings.  The story that flows through these images provides a key to the meaning of each of the illustrations.  The Angels in this book are truly ethereal and are called by their properties rather than the static names of a single culture.  Within the pages, you will find the Angel of Grief, the Angel of Winter, the Angel of Courage, the Angel of Children’s Dreams and more.   The book opens with a quote to remind us, that these presences are not new . . .

“Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth,

Unseen, both when we wake and when we sleep.”

~ John Milton, Paradise Lost

The story begins with with question and doubt and a sense of disconnection from any of the wonder of the unseen realm.

Evidence of Angels Book

Evidence of Angels Book

Evidence of Angels takes us on a journey of seeking to reconnect with the things which had been so real before the loss of a loved one. Thus, it starts with grief and the numbness and doubt which follows.  But it certainly doesn’t leave us there. We follow the story through darkness to light and connection, not just for the storyteller, but for others in difficult times she connects with along the way.

This is not a long story, if you just read the words.  The book is better approached as a meditation.  Slow down, look and listen and take the journey into awakening throughout the book.  It’s the type of book which can be returned to again and again.  The book acts like a key or a door for you to walk through and then continue on with your own exploration.

The overarching theme in the book is that we are not alone and we can call out to the unseen realms for help, guidance, strength, courage . . . anything we would need. Thus it is a wonderful book for anyone struggling with grief, loss, or any dark place they need to climb up out of.  It is also a reminder to us, even in the best of times, that we are not alone.

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