Merlin’s Choice Incense for March 2008

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The time has come to introduce everyone to our secret behind selecting the very best of incense. This is Merlin, and he is something of an incense sommolier. Or, rather, he tries to be. When Eye of Horus was a home-based business, we quickly discovered the importance of keeping incense in closed drawers, in bins, in anything a talented problem-solver cannot open. (Cupboard doors are easy, you just stand up and hook your paws over the top, then carefully walk backwards.)

It turns out that Merlin is an incense fanatic. It’s not just catnip he’s fond of, he is a well-rounded herbivore of a kitty. But we also soon discovered he had definite preferences. When certain scents are burned, he’ll roll around on the floor in ecstasy. We also found that if we were ever in a quandary as to which incense to choose, well, we’d give him a choice between two closed boxes, carefully supervised so he doesn’t have time to actually open and well, eat them, and let him decide.

Ever since we opened the store over four years ago, Merlin has felt that he should be able to contribute. He has asked us to allow him to choose a favorite incense each month that he can recommend. This month, the contest is between two Morningstar Japanese Incense options: Jasmine and Sandalwood. What follows is the pictorial and text record of the actual choice. Although Merlin did not actually speak the words written here in English, he is a talented communicator and we are fairly certain of the translation.

Sandalwood or Jasmine?

The Choice

Oh, how delightful! Incense within reach . . . wait . . . is this a trick?
No, the human is just standing there with that gadget in front of her eye.

Now’s my chance!

I’d better work fast in case this exquisite opportunity is snatched away from me.

I’ll begin by getting up-close and personal, we shall share scents, you and I.


Jasmine?Ah, how soft, how sublime, hmm, this is mine . . . Jasmine, you say?

I do like it, well worth a moment or two, but I sense something stronger pulling at me . . .

pulling . . . What can it be?

Another box! I must investigate.

Or Sandlewood?

Sandalwood?What do we have here?

Sandalwood you say?

Oh my, Wrowr (untranslatable but it possibly means ‘life explodes behind my eyes as the richness of experience races through my senses promising Nirvana’).

This is it! This is what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

This is mine. Mine.

My own. My precious.

I do believe it’s Sandalwood

Definitely SandalwoodYes, yes, yes. This is mine.

Now all I have to do is get inside.

I love a puzzle.

Oh, this end bit seems like a good way in . . .

(Author Note: at this point, the incense boxes were carefully removed . . . no incense was harmed in the making of this article. Neither was the cat, as you will soon see.)

Merlin relaxes, having displayed his mastery of the craft of incense testing

March Selection CompleteMy job here is done.

I lick the memory of the scent which captivates me.

The choice has been made. It is Sandalwood, of course.

See for yourself . . . pick up some Sandalwood Morningstar Incense.


  1. This was great! And it reminds me, I need some more incense! My cats just watch the ember when it burns. Nothing as amusing as Merlin! 🙂

  2. What a smart Feline.

  3. heather j larson says

    just wanted to drop a note to merlin, my love baby girl (kitty wiskers) to the kids, is also a fanatic we wake every morning at 4 am, if im late she comes to get me. We proceed to my office / magik room, were my insense oils and rocks / crystols etc.. are displayed. she loves to take my crystols certain ones different days. lays on the bed next to me, or on my desk to smell the scents.. love the story of the insense what a wonderful choice as i love the smell and properties of sandlewood, and think i will pick some up also.. thank you for the story love to hear of other kitty lovers experience.. blessed be…may GIA always smile upon you and yours, with the love and protection of a mother bear… so mote it be… [email protected]

  4. For those of us who have had the honor to know this incense expert, I know how fond he is of certain scents. I do agree with him, I do enjoy the Morningstar Sandalwood for most workings, but as the year warms up and the light increases I may need some Jasmine to welcome spring on the equinox. Maybe I will wear some to a local witchy meeting on Wednesday Mar 12.

    Bright Blessings to Merlin, Amber, Jane and Thraicie!


  5. That has got to be the cutest damn thing I’ve seen! Go Merlin and his Super Sniffer!!! 😉

  6. Susie Keithahn says

    I love this! I hope Merlin continues to contribute his marvelous opinions! I hope there continue to be more pictures from Merlin along with his most excellent wisdom!

  7. Stella de Vere says

    I think your cat is wonderful .

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