Mythic Music Concert May 28th

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Wendy RuleHave you heard the tale of how this concert came together? Do you know what all the buzz is about? If you are looking for a musical journey through the Middle Ages, the Norse Sagas, or to the world of myth and back again, this is the show for you. Not only is Wendy Rule coming to Minnesota for the first time, but Kari Tauring is releasing a 6-song Preview EP of her upcoming Volva album at the concert, and Felonious Bosch is opening. It all came about because we were told that, if we could find a venue, Wendy would come.

For those of you who have never heard Wendy Rule’s spectacular voice, here are some clips of some of my favorites from her website: Artemis, Diety (an anthem of the triple goddess), and the Raven Song . . . and the Raven Song sample cuts out just when it gets good. Or, if you want to hear a full song, check out La Femme de la Mer It is a perfect example of how she likes to play with dynamics which lure you in and take you on a journey.

Rolling Stone Australia said, Wendy Rule creates dark, sensual sonic theatre… compelling stuff.”

So you would expect someone of that caliber to be playing the State or the Orpheum, or at least 1st Ave. So what’s the deal? Why is a metaphysical store sponsoring her appearance at the Cedar? Well first off, she’s never been to Minnesota, secondly, her music is hard to categorize. Third, she’s an indie performer from overseas, without all the marketing push (and resultant radio play) that comes with being published by a big record company. Finally, she’s Wiccan and vocal about it. So in this knee-jerk culture, she gets filed under “New Age” music. But we’re not talking Yanni or even “Celtic Inspirational” music here. There are some Celtic Influences, but you’ll also here Jazz, Rock, Goth and World Music. With all her songs, it is her vocals, rather than the instrumentation which is the focus. Her music explores and extols the Mystery and tunes into Myth on a very deep level. To those of us weened on Neil Gaiman, Joseph Campbell, or Tolkien, or the Norse and Greek Myths; who love the deep mysteries of time, space, dimension and human consciousness, she sings in an ancient way to take us on a journey of the earthly and celestial divine exploration.

Since we’re all about Myth, and fans of Wendy’s music ourselves, we decided to dive into this whole ‘concert thing’ and see what we could do. We contacted the Cedar, but since they never heard of her, they didn’t want to take the risk themselves. It was up to us to rent the space and put together a concert, or possibly set up a ‘house concert’ in a smaller venue.

When Kari Tauring heard us talking about the possibility, she saw a synchronicity with the timing of her new album. So, suddenly, instead of one Diva, we had the opportunity to play host to two artists working in the musical mythic landscape, and we knew a small venue simply wouldn’t do. So we committed to the Cedar, and added in the fabulous Felonious Bosch to create 3+ hours of mythic music.

So for the past two months, we’ve been trying to drill down into sound-bytes music which explores Sirens and Norse Chanting and multiple mystical viewpoints.

Because of the “dark” nature of the music, we’ve gotten that fundamentalist knee-jerk reaction from people who thought the postcards looked like there was a V for Vampire, and we shouldn’t use such gothic letters, and calls from people who wanted to know if it was satanic, because they’ve “been doing battle with satan” lately.

It’s true, this is not the concert for people who fear their shadow. It is for people who appreciate great music and the power of myth to inspire and transform. So come with us on a musical journey through the Middle Ages, the Norse Sagas, and into the world of myth and back again.

All ages, General admission tickets are $18 in advance, and $22 at the door. Show starts a 7:30, doors open at 7:00. See you there!

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